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Today's main task is "Finding people". Recently, the company's recruitment activities have been going on for a long time. On the recruitment network, it has been advertising for two consecutive quarters. The overall effect is not very obvious. Who are we looking?

In the past, we paid special attention to technologies and capabilities, and always paid too much attention to the technical level of candidates. This is indeed important, but now I am not so optimistic. If we follow the order of choice, I will observe in sequence: mentality, mind, technical ability, communication ability, learning ability and plasticity.

Each person's abilities can only represent the present, but only those technical and experience things that have the above basic qualities can catch up quickly. If they do not have these abilities, then the applicant's level is the same, and the investment is of little value. I am very happy if I can select one of the 20 people in the current recruitment process.

Chatting with colleagues is also a general idea. The company is short of people, but it is too difficult to find the satisfaction. Continue to look for it and hope you can find a person on the ship.

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