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Two days ago, there was a "different terminal" on Apple's App Store, which was actually a very simple thing, however, the author is really ingenious-I mean the author of different terminals in real life or in movies ("Dream of Youth" and "If You Are the One")-So the advent of different terminals in the iPhone version has just arrived, I was immediately sought after, first mobile phone China, and then Netease Sina and other sites were reposted. I couldn't resist the temptation to turn to that article. It was very strong and creative: apple's iPhone software store was surprised by "different terminals ".

The idea of different terminals is very good, and the idea of achieving different terminals on the iPhone to entertain the masses is also very good, and the editors of mobile phone China or Netease are indeed very talented, such:

Where is the future of mankind?
There are endless differences behind the spread of civilization.

When the differences cannot be solved, the tragedy will happen.

Will the wheel of history go like this?

I dream that one day there will be one thing that will make all disputes in the world invisible.
Knife and gun warehouse receiving, casting a sword as a plow.

I dream that one day there will be a way to resolve all the differences between humans.

The earth's flowers are blooming, and the children smile again.

What is the most expensive in the 21st century?

OK, these are all very good, very good.

It is said that the download volume of this free game on the iPhone App Store is still very good. I think this article has a lot to do with it. However, the next thing that happened was a bit confusing to me. Shortly after the App Store was deployed on the terminal, meizu M8 mobile phone fans also developed a different terminal, which is limited to the hardware design of M8 and is not fun on the iPhone. Next, I thought, is there anyone who will soon launch a different terminal for the Android platform? Because gphone-related hardware is still a piece of cake for disagreement, there will be no M8 gameplay similar to BT.

It's faster than I thought. The latest message just found:

I think it should have been very early to see this news. From the comments below, many people have begun to pay attention to this news. However, we found that the audience for this gadget is very different. The divergent terminals on the iPhone have become popular in China, and in the eyes of foreign friends, this is nothing more than "waste of time", and I also found that there are a lot of Chinese characters in the software release introduction, this undoubtedly made foreign friends feel the taste of "Made in China.

This involves the role of an advertisement. There is an old saying that "the wine is not afraid of the alley", but we should also know that you need the wine first, and your alley should not be too deep, otherwise the wine cannot drift out; in fact, this sentence has a more terrible feature-"old. It's time to change it. So we cannot stick to the wine in the jar and wait for the guests to buy it.

I don't know about advertisements, and I don't know how to promote advertisements. But I think that since it is a good thing, you have to say it well. This divergent terminal on the Android platform is not a new things. From the reflection on the iPhone, this things are still very popular, but there are always aesthetic fatigue, at this time, people may feel like chewing wax when they continue to hold the gimmick of "different terminals.

I found that this article has been unorganized and out of order. It has been far away from the original idea and cannot be written. No wonder I have heard of logical disorder. So stop it.

I personally think that the software release notes on the Android platform for this "different terminal" are as follows:

1) the audience is not clear. From the comments, there are many foreigners, and there are too many Chinese Characters in software releases, which are hard to understand.

2) There are too many Chinese characters that make people feel like "Made in China". Although we should be proud of being made in China, foreigners as audience may have another idea.

3) log is not attractive. the download of different terminals on the App Store is very popular because of the support of the Chinese people. Most of the reasons are due to the different terminals in the "If You Are the One" column. I don't know this gimmick.

I can't talk about anything else. I just think that this advertisement is not doing very well. Two days ago, a garden friend posted an article about Seo, which is good. Unfortunately, it stopped.

By the way, in order to support domestic production, I did not spend time reading this article and some gphone comrades tried it and sent a download link.

Different terminal gphone Version Download link: http://handict.mgeek.mobi/ConflictResolutionTerminal-V1.0.apk

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