When will Shell scripts not be used?

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When will Shell scripts not be used?

  1. Resource-intensive tasks, especially when efficiency needs to be considered (such as sorting and hash)
  2. Mathematical operations that require processing of large tasks, especially floating-point operations, precise operations, or complex arithmetic operations (in this case, C ++ or FORTRAN is generally used for processing)
  3. Cross-platform porting is required (C or Java is generally used)
  4. Complex applications, when structured programming is required (variable type check, function prototype, and so on)
  5. Key task applications that affect the overall system.
  6. For tasks with high security requirements, for example, you need a robust system to prevent intrusion, cracking, and malicious destruction. The project is composed of various parts of the dependencies of the scheduler.
  7. Large-scale File Operations
  8. Multi-dimensional array support
  9. Support for data structures, such as linked lists or data structures
  10. GUI to be generated or operated
  11. Operating system hardware directly required
  12. I/O or socket interfaces are required
  13. Interface that requires the use of libraries or legacy code
  14. Private, closed-source applications (shell scripts place code in text files and can be seen all over the world)

If your application meets any of the above requirements, consider a more powerful language-perhaps Perl, Tcl, Python, ruby -- or a higher-level compilation language such as C/C ++, or Java. even so, you will find that using shell to prototype your application is also very useful in the development process.

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