When you enter Gpedit.msc, you are prompted not to find a gpedit.msc solution _ Application Tips

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method One, 1, click the "Start" menu
2, click "Run"
3, type "regedit" (not including exclamation point)
4, in the registry key value Hkey_current_usersoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftmmc
Please set the value of Restricttopermittedsnapins to 0
method Two, 1, click the "Start" menu
2, click "Run"
3, type "regedit" (not including exclamation point)
4, in the registry key value Hkey_current_usersoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftmmc{8fc0b734-a0e1-11d1-a7d3-0000f87571e3}restrict_run
and Hkey_current_usersoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftmmc{0f6b957e-509e-11d1-a7cc-0000f87571e3}restrict_run
Please set the value of Restrict_Run to 0
5. Reboot after modification.
method Three, 1, click the "Start" menu
2, click "Run"
3, type "regedit" (not including exclamation point)
4, in the registry key value Hkey_classes_rootclsid{8fc0b734-a0e1-11d1-a7d3-0000f87571e3}inprocserver32
Change the default to:
5. Reboot after modification.
Method Four, check environment variable:
A, click on the "Start" menu
b, click on "Control Panel"
C, open System in Control Panel
D, click on the "Advanced" tab in "System Properties"
E, click on the "Environment variables" button in the "Advanced" tab
F, in the System variables box in environment variables, modify the variable value in path to:
Method Five, run regsvr32 filemgmt.dll
A, click on the "Start" menu
B, click "Run"
C, type "regsvr32 filemgmt.dll" (not including exclamation marks)
Method VI, this error can occur if Group Policy cannot find FrameDyn.dll. If you are using the setup script, make sure that the script is placed in the%WINDIR%SYSTEM32WBEM directory in the system path. By default,%windir%system32wbem already exists in the system path, so it is not possible to encounter this problem if you do not use an installation script. Or try to copy the Framedyn.dll file from the Windowssystem32wbem directory to the Windowssystem32 directory!

Enter gpedit.msc run Group Policy prompt "The file cannot be found and cannot be run"

A BenQ R45 series notebook, the original Windows Vista home Basic system, wants to turn UAC off by Group Policy, but when you enter "Gpedit.msc" in the Run dialog box, Windows prompts "The file cannot be found and cannot be run." Excuse me, what's going on here?

Problem Analysis:
Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows XP home Edition have no gpedit.msc, which means they can't run Group Policy. In fact, as early as the Windows XP era is rife with the home version of the solution to run the policy group, for Windows Vista home Basic, the program is still valid, the following methods.

First copy the Gpedit.msc, Fde.dll, Gpedit.dll, Gptext.dll, wsecedit.dll files in the WINDOWS \ System32 folder in the Vistau version (Enterprise or Business Edition) to the home version. Winoows \ System32 folder, and then run the following command in the start one run: "regsvr32 fde.dll", "regsvr32 gpedit.dll", "regsvr32 gptext.dll", "regs Vr32 Wsecedit.dll ", register these 4 dynamic databases, respectively. Next, replace all the "*.adm" file copies in the Vista U version of the WINDOWS \ Inf folder into home, and finally start Group Policy with the "start"-> "Run" input "gpedit.msc".

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