Where can PHP beginners learn better?

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I just started to learn php. Are there any good suggestions? I just started to learn php. Do you have any suggestions? reply to the content: If you don't know anything, first go to the database. PHP is mainly used to operate the database. I just sorted it out. I don't know if I can help you. Message board.
A Daniel gave us eight php learning tasks, starting from the message board.
That's how I came along.
It is probably the message board, character filtering, Editor usage, understanding of MVC and framework development.

Some routines on the message board may be too complex or unable to run. It is better to find a book and input it in a row.
It does not matter if the book is edited or entered incorrectly. At least most of the Code is correct. The error message is called one by one. The message board will be used later. You have developed php + mysql at a level. Php memory card

Start from getting started! Han shunping _ PHP supporting notes from getting started to proficient video tutorials The important thing is that I can settle down with myself. Sometimes I despise myself very much. There are a lot of materials and I can see little. Learning php. I also want to learn operations and have my own stores. What should I do. Please give guidance. Verycd has a php basic tutorial by Li Yanhui. I suggest you download it and take a look at it. I'm learning it. I hope it will help you.

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