Where did Microsoft's mobile phone fail?

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Looking forward to, looking forward to, Win 10 will be released soon, it seems that Microsoft in hardware, systems, software, mobile and other fields of the spring is also coming. However, on the key node of Win 10, which is about to be released in the first half of the month before the end of July, Microsoft has picked up a butcher's knife and hacked to its own mobile hardware business. For a time, was originally placed in great expectations, known as Microsoft Mobile to turn the killer's mobile phone business, so it was set a bloody fate. What happened to the Microsoft phone? Where is the failure, and what is the future prospects?

Write-downs + layoffs Microsoft's mobile phone business is crushing

Microsoft's sudden move has stunned the industry and the public, just as people are still talking about how the win 10, launched at the end of the month, will make a big difference to their phones. Microsoft has announced that it has dropped almost all of its acquisitions of Nokia, minus $7.6 billion, from attempts to become a leading player in the smartphone sector. Plus $750 million to $850 million in restructuring costs, which means Microsoft's profits will be reduced by $8.5 billion. At the same time, it will lay off more than 7,800 people. You know, last year, Microsoft cut 18,000 people in the operation, the mobile phone sector is already a "hardest hit", Nokia equipment and services accounted for about 12,500 people.

Microsoft's overall contraction in mobile phone business means that the collapse of the situation is a foregone conclusion. This is Microsoft in the industry to declare: the future of the mobile hardware on the competition will not find me, I do not want to compete for the leader, when a soldier on the line. Although Microsoft WP mobile phone accounted for only about 3% of the global market share, but Microsoft has always believed that they have the ability to turn over the fish, become the market leader.

Although the market performance is poor, but has been confident, never said Ruanhua. Especially after the acquisition of Nokia, is more daring. Unexpectedly, only two years after the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft's mobile phone business has been reduced to this stage, it is really a feeling.

Improper strategy, power upheavals Microsoft phone failure is normal

In fact, Microsoft's mobile phone business to today, and strategic misconduct has a direct relationship. Even with high-level plans for future development, there is a cut-and-go relationship. In the mobile phone business, Microsoft has always been thinking of a clever trick. In September 2010, Nokia chose a former senior executive from Microsoft: Stephen Elop as the helm. Elop's biggest "contribution" was to successfully reduce Nokia's global market share from 40% to 15% ... Perhaps the elop of Microsoft's former CEO, Steve Ballmer, abandoned rounds's Android system and stubbornly chose the Microsoft Windows Phone platform, despite all opposition. Eventually, Nokia, which had a market capitalisation of 110 billion euros, succeeded in buying Microsoft for $7.2 billion.

Then, Elop back to Microsoft as a senior executive, this is the history of the largest commercial espionage is still doing the right, it is inconceivable. In fact, since then, the decline of Microsoft's mobile phone business has been buried in the curse. Although the non-power of WP system is the direct cause of the sluggish mobile phone shipments in Microsoft, but after the acquisition of Nokia, its infighting with Microsoft, internal discord caused by serious friction is also a key factor. Microsoft is trying to get Nokia on its mobile phone, while Nokia is resisting it and even has a "nuo pan plan". And the poor ability of the elop, in the face of Chaos is also helpless--and indeed is only suitable for undercover high-level!

The most silent is the new Microsoft CEO Barnard clearly and Ballmer's strategic proposition is not the same, after taking office, he constantly adjusted the general direction of Microsoft's progress, the Ballmer's strategy one by one overturned. And in the mobile phone business, but also "ruthless." June 17, Nadra in the Mail, said the former CEO and president of Nokia, now the executive vice president of Microsoft Equipment group Stephen Elop will leave Microsoft, has been the current restructuring of the mobile phone business has been a foreshadowing.

Daniel Avis, an analyst at FBR Capital, said the Elop's exit suggests that Microsoft believes Nokia and its entire mobile strategy are wrong. And Ballmer's confidant was removed, Nadra is in Microsoft internal "Hoodwink".

At this point, Microsoft's mobile phone failure is also rightfully. We might as well consider the failure of the Microsoft phone as an acquisition mistake, a power upheavals victim, a sacrifice of internal friction, an operating system tester ...

Ecological replacement of independent mobile phone business bumpy Road

Announcing the news, Nadra said, "Our strategy is moving from developing an independent mobile phone business to building and developing a vibrant Windows ecosystem that includes our own device product line." In the short term, we will operate a more efficient and focused mobile phone product line while maintaining the ability to drive change in the mobile industry over the long term. "In other words, the mobile hardware business will not be Microsoft's core business, to other platforms to infiltrate Microsoft services, build the so-called Windows ecosystem is Microsoft's next step."

On specific mobile hardware, it is understood to be broadly divided into three categories: cost-effective mobile phones, business phones, and flagship handsets. 1-2 new phones will be released each year in each category, i.e. no more than 6 a year. Other kinds of mobile phones will not be too much involved. In the face of the strong iphone and the sea-like Android model, Microsoft think these mobile phones can be conquer? Hehe, after the reorganization, Microsoft Mobile phone business is still a bumpy road ah! (New discoveries of science and Technology, Constantine/Wen)

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Where did Microsoft's mobile phone fail?

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