Where does the computer boot sound set up?

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Start-> "Control Panel"-> "Sound and Audio Devices"

Select the Sound tab to check the location of Windows startup and select the sound file (which must be. wav format) (the default is the%windir%media folder), and a small horn icon appears in front of Windows startup, indicating that the sound has been successfully added, so you can click Play "Key try to listen, if it happens, then the sound scheme to save the line, do not change the name of the sound file for Windows startup. wav; if it is not the sound you want, click the above operation to change a sound, try to listen, save on the line.

The sound position can be a defined location, but note that once you have defined the location of the startup tone as defined for yourself, do not move or delete this file, otherwise, the system will not find this file and can not make sound (for other items such as key termination, problems, etc.), so it is best to put the sound file in% Windir%media, this will be safer.

The full path to "windir" is (for XP) C:windowsmedia

For Win2000 it is C:winntmedia

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