Where does the resource manager on the computer open

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where does the resource manager on the computer open

First, what do you know about "explorer"?

The Explorer is a resource management tool provided by the Windows system. We can use it to view all the resources of this computer, especially its tree-shaped file system structure, so that we can have a clearer and more intuitive understanding of computer files and folders, which is not "My Computer". In the actual use of the function "explorer" and "My Computer" nothing different, both are used to manage system resources, can be said to be used to manage files. In addition, you can do various things with the file in the Explorer (how Task Manager opens it), such as: Open, copy, move, and so on.

Where is the resource manager?

In fact, the Explorer interface and our "My Computer" interface is very similar, but in the left Folder options, the following figure is WINDOWSS XP system and Windows 7 operating system of the Resource manager interface, in fact, we asked the resource manager where there is no specific location and resource manager how to open , in fact, the meaning is the same.

As shown above, in fact, whether it is Windows XP or the Windows7 operating system, the resource manager is actually very similar to the interface to my computer, but the left side of the computer all the files of the tree-shaped structure.

How does the resource manager open?

There are many ways to open the Explorer, such as the author's most commonly used method is on the computer desktop "My Computer" on the right, select "explorer" can be opened, other open methods refer to the following:

⒈): Double-click the Desktop Explorer shortcut icon;

⒉): Click the taskbar Explorer shortcut icon;

⒊): Right-click the Start button on the taskbar-> select "Explorer"

⒋): Right-click on the desktop, my computer, My Documents, My Network Places, Recycle Bin, and other system icons, select the Explorer command from the shortcut menu;

⒌): In the Start menu-> program-> attachment, select "Explorer".

⒍): Shortcut key: Winkey+e or in the My Computer window, click the Folder button on the toolbar.

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