Where is the PPT brush mark?

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One, PPT in the Brush tool function where?

This brush tool is actually the equivalent of one of our markup tools, to implement the tag function will first need to demonstrate the PPT hold F5 into the show state, and then right click on the white space on the PPT will pop up the clothing moth dialog box, in the dialog box select "Pointer Options" can be. As shown in the figure:

Second, PPT in the Brush tool function how to use?

The options for the arrow, ballpoint pen, felt tip, highlighter four marker pens are available after you select the pointer option. Random selection of a tool pen can be in the presentation of the PPT to alter the note. (or go straight to the demo slide and hold down the shortcut key ctrl+p the same as using the Brush feature.)

Third, the PPT Brush tool can not use what is going on?

Some netizens feedback to the situation that cannot use the PPT brush marking function, this question, I will tell you. You use a lite version of Office that recommends reinstalling, using a typical installation, and if you are customizing the installation, be sure to select the handwriting component when you install it. Remember to uninstall the original version of Office before reinstalling the Office version, and then install the official genuine.

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