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Some memories cannot be described in words. They can only be put in their hearts and made into poems.

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Small details are never limited. Therefore, every time you go wrong, you will enjoy an extraordinary or ordinary experience. Every step has passed, so every time you go there, you can say with confidence that you will not go wrong. Sometimes it is a kind of courage and awe-inspiring attitude to know how to run against the target and turn around and go back.

The path in reality is sometimes different from the path in memory, but now that we are going, let's go and there is always a direction. What is the direction? It is not a road sign that is occasionally hidden on the side of the road. Perhaps, that direction is a name, such as the hometown of the atmosphere, and intuition in the heart. The name is both atmospheric and intuitive ......

As long as you see the beacon on the beacon of a ship traveling in the vast sea, the soul is comforted. People worship the sun, even in the forest, with sunshine, then there is a direction. When I saw the pavilion on the top of the mountain, I knew the place where I lived, and the name, the name, and the heart, so we have the motivation to move forward ......

What's even more outrageous is that, just by intuition, my intuition is wrong, and my heart is like a steel song, I really don't know what the name is, because it's not that elegant scholar, I only know that the horse is written on the carriage and at the pace of the horseshoe. I don't know whether the name of the man is Straus or Xiami. It seems that in the forest, we can see the daylight of the barrier pouring in the forest and write it. I don't know much about music, but I also have a pair of eyes, watching the sunshine of the class, the yellow leaves occasionally falling in front of me, and the winding road. Although strangers and strangers do not know where to go, their hearts are so peaceful and peaceful. Because, my heart has that name ...... Of course there are also ...... There is such a poem in the late autumn, there is a soft temperature ......

At a certain turning point, it is still unknown from where to go, just by looking at the guidance of passers-. 5. It is generally decisive to encounter such a problem. If you do not consider it, you will go to the unknown direction. There was no such anxiety, even though the night was hanging ......

Ru Shi:

The forests on both sides gently sing

Singing the Phantom Moon to their side

Each leaf stretched its arm

Welcome to this beautiful evening with lights on

Leaves, Sha Xiang

Sing with the moon

On this beautiful night, fairy tales are wandering ......

It turned out to be so poetic. Maybe because there is no direction, or the name itself is a direction. So it's so beautiful and peaceful ......


A few strokes, recording the traces of my heart, know too much, but the heart is a deep mark. In fact, sometimes there is a kind of belief in your heart or side, and some darkness or unknown will not be terrible, just know that the path at your feet is extending, and the direction is above ....

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