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Where is the Win7 Run command?

Alt next to the win logo key, and then press R, that is Win+r, is to run the command shortcut keys

The beginning of the Windows7 is not "run", as shown in the red oval space below:

Here's how to turn on the "Run" function, the right mouse click on the bottom of the "start" round, the "Properties" and "Open Windows Explorer" words:

Open the Properties--Start Menu tab--Customize, as shown in the following illustration:

After you open custom, find a "Run command" in the bottom with a small box, tick, and select it. Don't forget to make sure!!

Finally look at the effect:

Windows 7 Run Command Encyclopedia, small compiled the common 45 Win7 run commands to share to everyone:

1, cleanmgr: Open the Disk Cleanup tool

2, Compmgmt.msc: Computer Management

3, Conf: Start the System Configuration Utility

4, Charmap: Start character mapping table

5. Calc: Start Calculator

6. Chkdsk.exe:Chkdsk Disk Check

7, Cmd.exe:CMD command prompt

8, Certmgr.msc: Certificate Management Utility

9. CLIPBRD: Clipboard Viewer

10. Dvdplay:dvd Player

11. Diskmgmt.msc: Disk Management Utility

12. Dfrg.msc: Disk Defragmenter

13. Devmgmt.msc: Device Manager

14, DxDiag: Check DirectX Information

15, DCOMCNFG: Open system Component Services

16. Explorer: Open Explorer

17, EVENTVWR: Event Viewer

18, Eudcedit: The process of word-formation

19. Fsmgmt.msc: Shared Folder Manager

20. Gpedit.msc: Group Policy

21, IExpress: Tools, the system with its own

22. Logoff: Cancellation Order

23, Lusrmgr.msc: Native Users and Groups

24, Mdsched: To start the Windows Memory Diagnostics

25. MSTSC: Remote Desktop Connection

26. Msconfig.exe: System Configuration Utility

27, Mplayer2: Simple Widnowsmediaplayer

28. MSPaint: Drawing board

29, Magnify: Magnifying Glass Utility Program

30, MMC: Open the console

31. Mobsync: Sync command

32. Notepad: Open Notepad

33, Nslookup: Network management tool Wizard

34. Narrator: Screen "Narrator"

35, Netstat:an (TC) command Check interface

36, Optionalfeatures: Open the "Turn on or off Windows Features" dialog box

37, Osk: Open the on-screen keyboard

38, Perfmon.msc: Computer performance monitoring Program

39, Regedt32: Registry Editor

40. Rsop.msc: Group Policy result set

41. Regedit.exe: Registration Form

42, Services.msc: Local Service settings

43. Sysedit: System Configuration Editor

44, Sigverif: File Signature Verification Program

45, SHRPUBW: Create a shared folder

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