Where is the word page layout?

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Where is the word page layout? Typesetting Word document, print out, margin is too large (or too small), how to do? What about the paper that the current Word document needs to be printed on instead of A4 paper? Typesetting Word documents, want to use the same portrait of ancient writing (text from top to bottom, from right to left) layout, how to do ?

Word documents inserted in some tables or pictures, are particularly wide, vertical is not high, according to the default paper direction, these tables, pictures want to show the whole, there must be a larger reduction, or even the content is not clear, how to do?

Don't worry, page layout, almighty!!

Page margin settings:

When you open a Word document, click menu items: [page layout]-->[margins], you can choose what you want from a variety of margin styles (plain, narrow, moderate, wide, mirror) in a pop-up submenu.

What, these five kinds of margins are not suitable?!

It doesn't matter, there's not a "custom margin" underneath these options! Click, the dialog box for the page setup bounces out, and then you can get the margins you need (top, bottom, left, right). More than that, you can even set the gutter position to facilitate the printing of books.

Paper (page) Orientation:

The table or picture is too wide, it doesn't matter, set the page to look sideways. No, remember.

Click the menu item in turn: [Page layout]-->[paper orientation]-->[landscape] (if it is horizontal to portrait, then [Portrait]).

In fact, you can also refer to the Page Setup dialog box to set the portrait and landscape of the page in the above margin settings.

Paper (page) Size:

[Page Layout]-->[paper orientation]-->["settings you Want"]

Vertical typesetting:

[Page layout]-->[text Direction]-->[Vertical]

Of course, you can also set other text directions that you like.

Additional page settings:

Page background and paragraph

See figure.

The above is the Word page Layout operation Step Introduction, we have learned? Hope this article can be helpful to everyone!

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