Where is the WPS page setup?

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Click on the menu--file--page Setup, open the dialog box, as shown in the following image:

First, in the page label, we can set the size of the paper, the direction of the paper, scaling and so on. In the real world, we usually set the paper size first, and then set the direction of the paper two items.

1. Paper size: Refers to the size of the paper we print, click its Drop-down button, which has our commonly used paper, such as A3, A4, 8 Open, 16 open, etc., choose what we need. As shown in the following illustration:

2. Custom paper size, if the paper is not the choice of the paper size we want, we can define the size of the paper. Here we can use a ruler to actually measure the size of the paper that needs to be printed, and when measured, enter the measured value in the width and height of the custom paper size. As shown in the following illustration:

3. Scaling: In general, we print the paper size by 1:1 to print, but sometimes we need to print content in proportion to enlarge or shrink it. At this point, if you want to adjust the font size and so on, it seems a bit cumbersome, we can set in the zoom ratio, such as we would like to reduce the printing scale to 80%, then in the zoom ratio of 80% can be entered. As shown in figure:

4. Direction. It refers to the direction of the paper, there are vertical and horizontal two kinds. This item is often used in actual operation.

  Two, the page margin

Margin so that we commonly used settings, bad settings not only affect the effect of printing, and sometimes printing is unsuccessful. Click on the margin to enter the Margin Settings dialog box, as shown in the image:

1. Page margins

The margins are the distance between the text content on the page and the page, and if we set the header, the system will have a portion of the top margin as the header, so the header value is always less than the margin value. Similarly, the footer is the same. Their relationship is as shown in the picture:

For the 8 open paper, the author of the common margin is 1 centimeters. The margin settings are too large or too small. Too large, waste of paper, too small, the page is too full of good-looking, and even may print the text content to the outside of the page.

2, center mode

It includes two ways of horizontally centered and vertically centered. When set, the printed content is centered in the horizontal play or vertically in the page.

Note: The horizontal center is more useful.

3. Header and Footer

This is the commonly used content in file processing. Headers and footers are the contents that appear above or below each page when the file is printed. Their content can be the same, or can be different, on the page is not displayed is the header, in the bottom is the footer.

We can also customize the header, open the Custom Header dialog box, as shown in the picture:

Above, there are some text descriptions, there are some buttons in the middle, the lower part is 3 text input window.

If we enter text in the left window, the header will appear on the left side of the page, and the other analogy.

As shown in the following illustration, we enter text in the left window, which shows the effect as shown in the following image:

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