Whether TCP or UDP is unblocked in network transmission test

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In the development and use of audio and video, often encountered TCP or UDP whether the problem is smooth, now according to the market more stable Anychat platform, Progress Demo debugging, to provide you with a simple test method.

Download First Anychat software that can be downloaded to their website: www.anychat.cn

Download the attachment tools I provide: Sockettool.rar(755.9 KB,download number of times: 177)The compressed package has instructions for use and is not specifically stated.

now for the use of officialDemoTo do a simple test: Test the server-side and the client'sTCPorUDPis unblocked.

First server-side operations are as follows:
OpenSockettool.exeTools,EstablishTCPtest Service, port number is8906,

Establish UDP test Service, port number is 8907 ,

The client operation is as follows:
Open Sockettool.exe Tools to build TCP test user, fill in A End IP address (fill in the User your own A End of IP address) and TCP Port number 8906 , then click the Connect button.


Establish UDP test user, fill in A End IP address (fill in the User your own A End of IP address) and UDP Port number 8907 ,

Server, client-to-peer data:
Communication is possible after the server and client have been established separately.
For example, the server can send data to the specified client, client users can send data to the server side.


Similarly, UDP server-side and UDP data can also be sent between clients.


If the above can be successfully operated, then the server, the customer between the two sides can be connected properly. If the operation is unsuccessful, there is a connection problem on both sides of the server and client.
In particular, the UDP operation is unsuccessful and will affect the audio and video of the SDK.

If there is a problem with both ends of a and B connections, it is possible that the firewall has disabled the port and opened two ports. The operation is as follows:
Open Control Panel-Windows Firewall-exceptions-add port.
Add the TCP and UDP ports required by the SDK separately. (You can open both ends when you are unsure which side of the problem is.)



Any questions can be asked directly to the Technical forum: http://bbs.anychat.cn/forum.php

Whether TCP or UDP is unblocked in network transmission test

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