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2011 domestic killing the soft industry is still "free" as the theme, the old domestic antivirus 3 giants among the Golden Hill poison tyrants and rising have been put into the free camp, only the remaining low-key jiangmin still struggling to support.

and has entered the domestic market of foreign anti-virus software, once the all-powerful they were also the free storm of gloom, but is expected to be under the global strategy, the original fee anti-virus software can not easily put into the free camp.

So, which anti-virus software is the best to use it, the free anti-virus software will therefore lead to performance degradation, and foreign well-known anti-virus software compared to their performance? In this article, I selected eight of the most popular domestic antivirus soft test.

They are: Jinshan poison PA 2012, Rising Antivirus 2011, Jiangmin antivirus software KV2011, Kaspersky anti-virus software 2012, ESET NOD32 anti-virus software 4, Norton Antivirus 2012, 360 antivirus 2, small red umbrella (Avira AntiVir Premium) 10. Let's take a look at this free vs domestic vs imported antivirus software Big fight bar.

Introduction and interface of participating software

Free anti-virus software group:

1, Jinshan Poison PA 2012 (Installation package size 9.92 MB)

Software name: Jinshan Poison PA 2012 (Cheetah)

Software version: Official edition

Software Size: 10321k

Software Authorization: Free

Applicable platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7

Jinshan Poison pa Keywords: free; online shopping bodyguard; 30 nuclear cloud engine; 99 sec cloud identification; border defense; 10.

Figure 1 Jinshan Poison Hegemony interface

Synopsis: Is named "Cheetah" the Jinshan Poison Tyrant 2012, certainly is takes the fast for its characteristic. Plus the net purchase dare to pay the model can see Jinshan safety to Jinshan poison pa confidence.

As a revolutionary anti-virus system, the second kill the new virus, incredibly lightweight fast, 30 core cloud engine, beyond 30 times times the killing capacity, and carry 99 seconds cloud identification, compared with the traditional anti-virus software faster than 60 times times the identification speed, lightweight and fast, so that the computer no longer card machine!

2, 360 antivirus (installation package size 72.6 MB)

Software Name: 360 Antivirus 2.0

Software version: Official edition (

Software Size: 873k

Software Authorization: Free

Applicable platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista Win7

360 Antivirus keywords: free, artificial intelligence engine, trusted program database, network shield, trusted program database, multiple engines.

Figure 2 360 Antivirus main interface

Introduction: 360 Antivirus is completely free anti-virus software, it creatively integrates the four leading anti-kill engine, including the internationally renowned Bitdefender virus killing engine, 360 cloud killing engine, 360 active defense engine, 360QVM Artificial intelligence engine.

Four engine intelligent scheduling, to provide you with full time comprehensive virus protection, not only killing ability, but also the first time to defend against the emergence of the virus Trojan.

3, Rising anti-virus software 2011 (Installation package Size: 36.1 MB)

Software name: Rising anti-virus software 2011 Pacific Free Special Edition (permanent Free)

Software version:

Software Size: 36860k

Software Authorization: Free

Applicable platform: Win9x Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Win7

Rising antivirus keywords: free; intelligent cloud security; system kernel hardening; intelligent virtualization engine; intelligent anti-virus; intelligent anti-fishing.

Figure 3 Rising Antivirus main interface

Introduction: Rising anti-virus software is based on rising "cloud security" system design of a new generation of anti-virus software. Its "Overall defense system" can intercept all Internet threats outside the user's computer.

Deep application of "cloud security" of the new Trojan engine, "Trojan Horse behavior Analysis" and "heuristic scanning" and other technologies to ensure that the virus completely intercept and killing. Combined with the "cloud Security" system automatic analysis and processing virus process, can be the first time the unknown virus solution real-time to provide users.

4, Avira AntiVir Premium (Installation package size: 48.6 MB)

Software name: Small red Umbrella personal Free Edition

Software version: Simplified Chinese version

Software Size: 67592k

Software Authorization: Free

Applicable platform: Win9x WinNT Win2000 WinXP Win2003

Keywords: optimized scan (optimized Scan), parental control (Parental controls enable), segmented anti-virus (AntiVir stops); Rookit Killing (Antirootkit), Web Protection (webguard), free, English, heuristic anti-virus.

Figure 5 Small red umbrella main interface

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