Which brand of notebook computer is the best?

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Which brand of notebook is the best? This is a lot of friends who are going to buy a new notebook and often ask a question. Although the PC has been depressed in recent years, but the brand is still numerous, including domestic and foreign brands have, in addition to the major notebook brand market share before there has been a big change, the following small series and everyone together to analyze the next 2016 notebook computer brand ranking.

  First of all, what are the brands of laptops today, specifically as follows.

Lenovo, Asus, ThinkPad, Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, Samsung, Shenzhou, Macintosh, Haier, purple wheat, Hyun Long, AWO, Dai, Tsinghua Tongfang, Toshiba, seven Rainbow, Aliens, Fujitsu, mechanics, the future of Mankind, Thor, Microsoft, Google, MSI, Mechanical Revolution, gigabyte, Taiwan Power, Sony, Radium wave , fire shadow, Master Road, Huawei, Millet.

A short list, can be seen, notebook brand manufacturers are also numerous, but due to the PC market in recent years, many manufacturers either closed down, or was acquired, or basically no new product updates, and for users, the current to understand is that the brand ranked the first few brands, this is the following, We have to say which brand of notebook computer is a good question.

  Which brand of notebook is the best?

In fact, there is no standard answer to this question, mainly because some popular notebook brands will launch different product models, positioning different users. If on the whole, we can through the major notebook brand market share, roughly understand which brand is most popular.

2016 notebook computer brand ranking

From the market share, 2016 notebook ranked top 9 in order: Lenovo, Asus, ThinkPad, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Shenzhou, Apple, Acer, Microsoft, Alienware (Aliens). This is different from the notebook brand rankings in the early years, as shown in the following figure.

Early Notebook brand Ranking

Lenovo has become the world's largest notebook brand, has maintained a domestic and global leadership in recent years. and ASUS (Chinese Taiwan brand) notebook in recent years has also been very good, the current domestic occupy second, Beyond HP, Dell and other brands, and Acer notebook in recent years, the market share has been falling, now ranked after the Shenzhou.

  What brand is the notebook? 2016 advantages and disadvantages of each brand notebook

Although there are many notebook brands, however, there are not many brands active in the market, in addition to Lenovo, Asus, ThinkPad, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Shenzhou, Apple, Acer, aliens, mechanics, the future of Human, Thor, MSI, mechanical revolution and other mainstream brands active, other brands released a few new products, Even without new releases, such as Sony's exit from the notebook market, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung and Tsinghua Tongfang have largely stalled.

Therefore, for 2016 of the friends who started notebooks, first of all consider Lenovo, Asus, ThinkPad, HP, Dell, Shenzhou, Apple, Acer, aliens, mechanics, future Human, Thor, MSI, mechanical Revolution these popular brands, below we simply analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these brand notebook computers.

  1, Lenovo

Lenovo Notebook

The world's highest market share of the brand, domestic first, it also contains the ThinkPad series, the main office business community.

As the world's largest domestic most well-known notebook brand, product models are numerous, can meet the needs of the mainstream groups, its characteristics are mature design, product line perfect, is one of the user's preferred brand, but because it is a big brand characteristics, some products cost-effective aspects are not very high.

  2. Asus

ASUS notebook flagship rock-solid, product quality reliable, heat dissipation performance generally high, cost-effective also relatively good, competitive relatively good. The disadvantage is that the product line is not particularly perfect, especially the high-end products are relatively few.

  3, HP and Dell

Hewlett-Packard and Dell are well-known notebook brands in the United States, Hewlett-Packard is the largest notebook market share, has now been Lenovo beyond.

HP and Dell notebooks in the design of the good, the product line is also numerous, covering the high, medium and low positioning, product price moderate, of which the Dell Alien notebook flagship game, in the high-end field performance good.

  4, Shenzhou

Shenzhou Notebook has the price of the butcher laudatory title, the main cost-effective. In the fierce competition, the market depressed environment, Shenzhou notebook by virtue of cost-effective, continuous improvement of products and other characteristics, in the domestic notebook market has won a certain share, and the overall performance is getting better, suitable for the value-oriented user recommendations.

  5. Mechanic, future Human, Thor, mechanical revolution

These several brands, the main game, launched are high-end products above, the main game. One of the mechanics, Thor, Mechanical revolution is only a few years began the popular game of the brand, taking into account the atmosphere design, excellent hardware configuration and good performance characteristics, suitable for game players to consider.

  6, Huawei, Millet

Huawei and Millet in 2016 joined the ranks of the notebook, belonging to the Internet brand new, belong to the Dark horse level, its products can be popular, but also waiting for new release and market testing.

  7. Apple

Apple Notebook

Apple notebook high-end, product design outstanding, including Light series and game series, carrying Apple's own system, a bit of the brand enough to force, product design outstanding, the disadvantage is expensive, the Apple system began to use, more difficult to adapt.

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