Which enterprises need to recruit gods?

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Humorous quotes:


Speculators: the economic crisis is coming. Let's stir up people.


Graduates: Experience, amazing, brilliant research, warning, and everything needs experience


Personnel master: What do you eat in college? Why can't you find a piece of "fat "? Level 1 Unqualified, go to the warehouse, and roll


Senior Consultant: What does the market need? Who do we need? It is best to recruit a group of gods to help you get lost.


Interviewer: Mr./Miss. Please leave a phone number. We will notify you of the message.


Personnel migration: compatriot, this position is very suitable for you. If you don't go now, you may want to see the king later.


Bole: the horse often exists, but bole does not. Several hundred people lined up for interviews, recruited several people, and finally found that it was originally an advertisement-selling bole.


With the advent of the economic crisis, many enterprises have been cautious about recruitment. College graduates have submitted their resumes to cope with future challenges, but they do not even have an interview notice. The exaggerated result is that they have invested 500 copies. Some job fairs, it is understood that there are some advertising components, some companies in order to promote corporate companies, the job positions required to be high, in fact, the need to recruit only one or two people.

It is not difficult to find that the companies recently recruited require both experience and experience. Where can I learn from college graduates? How much experience is measured by the length of work? Some people think this is unreasonable. The gap between university and society is a problem of education, and the Cultivation of College Students' professional qualities must follow the development of society. When you enter the workplace, it is not difficult to find that some companies really need to recruit a batch of gods. Paste it back in 51job as follows (this is just a reference, taking flash recruitment as an example ). If you read it, you will surely find it funny. Since you have no requirements for flash engineers, you must be proficient in C ++ and understand Win32 multithreading, it is better to recruit a C ++ employee. How high is the success rate for college graduates to apply for such positions? Silly? It's not funny. It's so cruel. The other piece of information below is even more exaggerated. Recruit a person to look for the drive oil. Isn't that a trick?

Which companies need to recruit gods? If you have not graduated, you can try to understand the dynamic trend of the market. In this way, when we enter the workplace, we will not lose our way. You may find out which of the following companies are recruiting talents. If you do not have the ability to be a god, please place yourself in a proper position. Starting from a low level, the natural experience will be accumulated. A colleague told me that she had been to work in some large enterprises and the boss was very fond of her. Why? Do you have a high degree of education? Experienced? No, does it matter if she graduated from high school? No answer. The reason is that she is very confident. During the interview, she will not feel inferior because of her educational qualifications. Instead, she will give full play to her strengths and be very dedicated to her work. Therefore, she has gained some benefits in terms of personnel. Although this is just an example, you should take the personnel relationship course well before entering the workplace. This will not cause us to suffer losses in the workplace.


Education requirements:None |Work experience:No requirements |Company nature:Private/private companies |Company scale:50 to 50 people
  Job description: 1. proficient in Flash network programming; 2. proficient in flashactionscripts and communication between flash and external programs; 3. proficient in flexbuilder or flashdeveloper development tools; job requirements: 1. Good C ++ programming skills; 2. Good multi-thread development experience under Win32; 3. Understanding various numbers...


Job description:
1. proficient in Flash network programming;
2. proficient in flashactionscripts and communication between flash and external programs;
3. Be familiar with flexbuilder or flashdeveloper development tools;
Requirements: 1. Good C ++ programming skills;
2. Good multi-thread development experience under Win32;
3. understand various data structures and algorithms, and be familiar with STL;
4. Be able to consistently write high-quality and efficient code;
5. Team management skills;
6. Have good personal qualities.




Job description:
Skill requirements:
1. Advanced Skills in Flash 9, flashcs4, actionscript 2.0, actionscript 3.0, flash classes, flex and XML.
2. Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and XML, and understand as, JS, C/C ++, and other interactions.
3. Familiar with the aswing V1.0 Structure
4. Familiar with eclipse Development Environment
5. Familiar with as's XML operations.
6. Have a certain understanding of the Server programming language and other programming languages.
7. Understand WebService remote service calling and SOAP protocol.
Any of the following conditions takes precedence:
1. Be creative and realize your creativity
2. Good team development experience
3. Understand PHP
Responsibilities: Flash, electronic magazine production, and electronic magazine effect development.
(Note: Please provide as files)



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