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1. Open My Computer-tools-Folder Options-View-check before the "Show All Files and folders" option-"OK"

2. Delete the contents of the following folder:

X:documents and settings All files under User name Cookies (keep index file)

X:documents and settings All files under User name local settingstemp (user temp file)

X:documents and Settings All files (paging files) under the user name localsettingstemporaryinternet files

X:documents and settings All files under User name local settingshistory (historical records)

X:documents and settings All files under recent (recently browsed file shortcuts)

All documents under X:WINDOWSTEMP (temporary files)

X:windowsservicepackfiles (Backup files after upgrading SP1 or SP2)

Compressed files under X:windowsdriver Cachei386 (backup files for drivers)

All files under the X:windowssoftwaredistributiondownload

3. If the system has been windoes Updade upgraded, the following files are deleted:

Under the X:windows to $u ... Hidden file at the beginning

4. Then defragment the disk, the finishing process, please quit all the running program

5. Open "Start" after defragmentation-"programs"-"Attachments"-"System Tools"-"System Restore"-"Create a restore point" (preferably with the date as the name of the restore point)

6. Open "My Computer"-right-click System Disk-"Properties"-"Disk Cleanup"-"Other options"-clicking "Cleanup" in the System Restore column-select "Yes"-ok.

7, in a variety of hardware and software installed properly, in fact, XP needs to update the file when it is very few. Delete system backup file: Start → run →sfc.exe/purgecache near 3xxM. (The purpose of this command is to immediately clear the Windows File Protection file cache, releasing the space it occupies)

8, delete the Windowssystem32dllcache DLL file (minus 200--300MB), this is a backup DLL file, as long as you have copied the installation files, you can do so.

9, delete the use of input method: For many netizens, Windows XPT system with the input method is not all suitable for their use, such as imjp8_1 Japanese Input method, Imkr6_1 input method, if not, we can delete it. The input method is located in the Windowsime folder and takes up 88M of space.

10, upgrade to complete the discovery of Windows more than a lot of similar $ntuninstallq311889$ these directories, kill it, 1X-3XM

11, in addition, keep the windowshelp directory of Things for me is a kind of injury, hehe ... Kill them all!

12, turn off System Restore: The System Restore function to use a long time, will occupy a lot of hard disk space. It is therefore necessary to manually set it to reduce the amount of hard disk usage. Open the System Properties dialog box, select the System Restore option, and select the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box to turn off System Restore. You can also restore only the disk or partition on which the system is located. Select the partition on which the system is located, click the Configure button, and in the dialog box that pops up, cancel the "Turn off System Restore on this drive" option and set the amount of disk space used for System Restore.

13, clear the Internet temporary files: regularly deleted when the internet generated a large number of temporary Internet files, will save a lot of hard disk space. Open IE Explorer and choose Internet Options from the Tools menu. In the pop-up dialog box, select the General tab, click the Delete File button in the Temporary Internet Files column, and in the Delete File dialog box, select the Delete all offline content check box, and click OK button.

14, clear pre-read files: Windows XP read-only settings can improve the speed of the system, but after a period of time, the number of files in the read-only folder will become very large, resulting in the system search time to spend longer. And some applications produce dead link files, which adds to the burden of system search. Therefore, you should delete these pre read files periodically. The files are expected to be stored in the Prefetch folder in the Windows XP system folder, and all files under that folder can be deleted.

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