Which of the following is the best ECs hosting service?

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Which of the following is the best ECs hosting service? -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Our company currently has three servers: apache server, mysql server, and image server. apache is the main external server, which connects mysql and image through the Intranet.
Currently, servers are deployed in the China Netcom data center rather than the dual-line data center, resulting in slow access to users in the south.
There are two solutions to change the IDC:
1. Switch the three servers directly to the multi-line data center and rent a 5 Mbps dedicated bandwidth.
2. If you do not need to use the current server, you can rent an ECS instance. It is said that the VM instance is stable and will not suffer from hardware problems, resulting in service termination.

The configuration and price of hichina ECs are as follows:

Xiang yun V-type:
Eight-core Xeon 2.26G
16 GB DDR3
Gigabit Optical Fiber, exclusive 5 M
Independent IP Address

Price: 163200 RMB/10 years
102000 RMB/5 years
65349 RMB/3 years;
45900 RMB/2 years;
25500 RMB/year

The biggest benefit of a VM instance is its stability. The service will not be terminated due to hardware damage. Our company now has three free servers, so we can't build clusters. One of them has a proper machine if something goes wrong.

I would like to ask you if I want to put my servers in a multi-line data center or directly discard my servers and directly purchase a hichina cloud host (only buy one? What is the difference between the price of hosting three servers and the price of renting a high-configuration ECS ???
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