Which security password is strong? About password issues

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Which security password is strong? About password issues

Password was first believed to have originated from ancient Greece and used to provide confidentiality measures for information exchanges during the war. As a matter of fact, there were signs of password functionality in ancient Egypt before 3000 BC. At that time, the hieroglyphics on the tombstone began to be represented with specially encrypted content. Today, the password is closely related to almost everyone. A person does not know how many passwords to enter every day. With the development of technology, there are more and more methods to replace passwords. We will introduce some interesting things related to password security.

Why is there always a password security problem?

This is a simple but difficult question to answer. Simply put, the password itself has no value, but the content protected by the password has value. The second is that the password has a very strong versatility. Whoever gets the password can basically obtain additional value. Finally, our password is too weak.

Recently, Apple's icloud account information leaked, which is a common result of Apple's system vulnerabilities, was announced after the cooperation between Apple and law enforcement agencies: "We have not found any intrusion into the icloud or findmyiphone system. Hackers have attacked some celebrity accounts specifically for their usernames and passwords, which are very common on the Internet ." Since then, Lawrence's transformation from hunger game to hunger game has not been able to find the final target, and the individual has completed a gorgeous Turn.

So the question is, what is the strong security password? Let's take a look at some interesting examples.

On a certain day of a certain month, the user database of millions of high-tech practitioners in a famous community in China was ranked, And the account and password were immediately announced. There are many incredible passwords that have been cracked twice, so we can see that the wisdom of the masses is the most embarrassing.

The first half is the password, which is annotated with the password in parentheses and ranked in no particular order:

Ppnn13 % dkstfeb.1st (derived from ", in early February ")


Hanshansi. location ()! [Gusucity] (Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City)

Hold? Fish: palm)

For _ $ n (@ rensheng) _ $ n + = "die" (a typical Technical School)

A pot of wine in the mountain Yisi Temple (circumference rate)

0oo00ooo0o0o0oo0 (hard to copy)


* ****** (Good disguise)

Nicai (risky)

Meimima (beaten sooner or later)

How can I improve password security?

This is an old topic, but here we will talk about it. You can change your password in time according to the following rules.

1. Length: more than 8 characters (including 8 characters). Currently, in many cases, the length of the user password must be more than 8 characters;

2. Mixing degree: it must contain uppercase and lowercase digits;

3. Reduce weak password keywords, such as birthday, name, and common words.

If the password we use is a weak password, you can think about the combo that has become popular 10 years ago. In fact, some of the passwords just listed are very safe, but the key issue is: if you set a password in this way, it will inevitably greatly improve the memory difficulty, so there will be some magical comments to help users remember their passwords.

A friend's password was required for some reason a few years ago. He sent me 1qaz0p ;/. At that time, I admired the five-way projection. The password was long enough and complex enough. I had it all, but it was hard to remember. However, after the input, I suddenly realized that it was originally to press the capital key to enter the four vertical buttons starting with keyboard 1, and then disable the four vertical buttons starting with 0. This complicated and memorable password is not enough.

Will the password be replaced in the future?

Passwords have many inherent defects, such as being not dedicated, difficult to manage and remember, and a single form of expression. So with the development of information technology, more and more new verification methods are emerging, gradually replacing the application of passwords in some scenarios. The most typical example is Apple's touchid fingerprint recognition, this is a huge improvement in user experience. Now Apple's latest tablet product has added the touchid fingerprint recognition function, further proving the success of this business.

In addition, face recognition (mature applications in access control, software, and other fields), voiceprint recognition (information, finance), and fingerprint recognition (widely used in fields) are all developing rapidly. The new verification mechanism has strong biological attributes and is difficult to replicate and verify conveniently. It is the future direction of Information Security Development verisign. The digital certificate based on another form of password is also developing rapidly and has been widely used in the communication and financial fields.

Passwords with biological information are more reliable. To obtain a password, the world-famous hacker Kevin Mitnick lied on the phone that he was a staff member of xx. As a result, the other party took the password and inventory directly. In the American drama jailbreak, Mike, the protagonist, has obtained important information more than once through "fraud". It can be seen that in the face of such traps, the complexity of simple passwords has no meaning, however, biological passwords can avoid these problems to the maximum extent. It seems that the Internet is threatening. Today, the stars leak a private photo. Tomorrow, the bank account of ordinary people will be stolen, leaving many users worried and nervous when prompted that the password is wrong.

In fact, the reality is far from that bad. For Password Management, we suggest you adopt a hierarchical approach:

1. External digital certificates should be used whenever possible in terms of personal property information;

2. For important Personal Information Protection, dual-password verification is adopted. The best method is to bind a mobile phone, which greatly improves the security factor;

3. For example, passwords such as mailboxes and im used in daily use, use strong passwords based on the above and set a full password to retrieve information;

4. You need to set a password temporarily. Keep a common password and have no relevance with the above password, so you won't be surprised to use it later.

From the future development trend, more and more scenarios will be verified by human faces, fingerprints, voiceprints, and other methods. Therefore, we must believe that there will be fewer and fewer scenarios where passwords are needed, the important thing is that from now on, maintaining our throat, fingers, and face is king.

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