White hat seo and black hat seo how do we choose

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Some seoer only white hat seo interest, black hat SEO is to sneer at. These people think that Black hat seo use of the means are the next three abuses, is immoral. In fact, I think the Black Hat seo and white hat seo is just different SEO strategy, really no need to black hat seo look so shameful.

why say black hat seo and white hat seo is just different strategy?

White hat seo has white hat seo benefits, Black hat SEO nature also has black hat seo truth. For white hat seo, they put more long-term vision, that is, white hat SEO adhere to the strategy is long leash there, and for Black hat seo, they are more concerned about short-term income. In other words, white hat SEO strategy needs to undergo a long time or after a relatively natural fermentation process, and black hat SEO is in the process of adding a catalyst, let it ferment to a certain extent as soon as possible, but the long-term will be a pernicious harm. Whether you choose a black hat or a white hat SEO depends entirely on whether you value long-term or short-term benefits. So Black hat seo and white hat seo is just a different strategy.

How do we choose between black hat seo and white hat seo?

In fact, I have said: Black Hat seo and white hat seo is only a different strategy, choose white hat seo or Black hat seo is a choice, the important problem is that you really understand the final results, choose either side is understandable. However, choose white hat seo or black hat seo before, you should first ask yourself the following several questions:

1, high value or low value?

Value refers to the value that can be brought to the site, and to the search for visitors. Usually we say "spam" is low value, because through "spam" way, will not bring the value, also will not let the visitor satisfy.

For example, if you link all your sites to one of your websites with a specific keyword, I can't say it's immoral, but it's not going to add value, it's too simple, search engines can judge, and reduce the value of these links, in the most extreme cases, even punish your site. If your "spam" link violates the search engine's rules, and when the site is down, it continues to introduce traffic through these links, so this "spam" link may not be a bad choice. But if your "spam" link is punished, then there is nothing, then the "spam" link is really spam.

So you can think about whether your black hat SEO can increase the value of the site and let customer satisfaction increase? If you can, choose Black Hat seo is not an option.

2, high risk or low risk?

The second question is, do you know if you use Black hat SEO is high risk or low risk? and can you accept the risk? High risk can be a high reward, but you have to prepare for the worst, if the worst happens, your site can accept such a result? Many people who use black hat seo, But did not think of the risk level of the problem, are believed to be caught after said, but once caught, the entire site will lose traffic, pay the price is often disastrous.

So if you can withstand the high risk of loss, you have the cost of using black Hat seo.

3, short or long term?

If you run the site must see the results of the short term, otherwise it will be finished, then you completely have the excuse to use black hat seo. For example, you have a sales site, but your product life cycle is very short, you may have to change a group of goods three months, so you can not wait, if you must use SEO, indeed white hat seo may not be suitable for you, because the beginning of effective, your merchandise has been off the shelf.

But to be honest, many sites think that I really need to see the effects in the short term, and I'm not fit for the long term SEO results. In fact, you can think, if you have been in a low value way, expect short-term results, such a site is really not worth investing.

Another thought is, do you use Black hat SEO is your long-term website business strategy? Or is it just a dark way to blunt exposure in the short term? If your product cycle is very short, and you are only short-term use of black hat SEO, in fact, can not blame you. But if the long-term use of black hat seo, as your site long-term strategy, then your site is very dangerous.

In short, black hat SEO may be effective, but will not be permanent, you have to think about value, risk, length and duration of three problems. If you know what you're doing, then Black hat SEO is not really that bad, just you have to bear the risk of the Black hat seo. If you feel that you operate Black hat SEO is not confident, so better to see your white hat seo level how it! This article from the Zhengzhou Network promotion http://www.zhangcongli.com/, reprint please indicate the source.

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