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The top-rated, domestically available dream-gaming laptop (hereinafter referred to as "the book") is the Asus G-series and Dell XPS series. These two series are designed for games and are the most coveted equipment for all gamers, because they can present you with the most exciting and exciting gameplay experience. Among them, Asus G1P and Dell XPS M1710, the two models of the "notebook" is the most attention, the former screen is smaller, lighter, and therefore more mobile, the latter with a top-level mobile video card is more performance. So, what is the difference between the two game Terminator "notebook"? Who would you choose? Let's look at it together.

Not long ago, Asus, the famous it manufacturer, launched two laptops designed for gaming, and Asus defined them as: "Treat the enjoyment of the game as a positive and interesting attitude to life". At that time, Asus also invited the domestic top game players Mengyang Rockethoy and beauty team E-honor on the stage, all-round interpretation of the distinctive characteristics of two machines. When we received the Chiu of the G1, the first thought was naturally the Dell XPS M1710, who had recently visited the CCE evaluation room.

Impeccable high-end hardware specs

There is no doubt that the game is currently the most powerful driver of hardware upgrades, so a good game "notebook" must have strong performance, especially graphics performance, g1p and XPS M1710 of course is no exception.

Any computer game can not be separated from a strong performance of the independent graphics support, and some even need dual-independent graphics support. G1P specifically with the Nvidia GeForce go 7700 standalone graphics, which is the first independent display core of Nvidia's newest manufacturing process based on 80nm. Although its performance and the current top GeForce Go 7950GTX There is no small gap, but its performance is very satisfying us (3dmark05 is divided into 4222), and the price is relatively cheap. G1P's GeForce Go 7700 Independent graphics core/video memory frequency is 450mhz/800 MHZ, memory capacity reached 512MB, exceeding the official recommended memory standard (256MB) of twice times, which for large 3D games in high resolution operation is very helpful. M1710, as the highest-end "laptop" in the Dell XPS series, does not choose the top GeForce go 7950GTX, but goes with a slightly less than go 7900GTX performance. Video memory capacity also reached 512MB, the core/memory frequency of 500mhz/1.2ghz,3dmark05 is divided into 8522, which shows that the XPS M1710 game performance is higher than the g1p.

While both g1p and XPS M1710 have good processors and graphics cards that do not guarantee a strong enough game performance, other accessories cannot be selected, especially for memory and hard drives. These two models all use two 1GB DDR2 667MHz memory to form dual channel, this is the current "notebook" can reach the highest memory standard, so their memory performance difference is very different. Hard disk, g1p with 160GB SATA hard drive, choose such a large capacity of hard disk can make g1p to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient storage space.

Excellent operating Experience

For most game enthusiasts, there are two other crucial reasons for restricting their choice of "books" to play games, apart from the fact that their own performance is not strong enough. One is the "book" Screen color performance and response time is too long, resulting in poor game picture quality and serious drag-and-drop phenomenon, even in the game effect full full of circumstances, the game is still not enough clarity. The second is "notebook" keyboard short, key layout is also relatively compact, operating feel different from desktop computer keyboard, especially for a long time to use the "notebook" keyboard, both hands more easily fatigue. In order to solve these two problems, g1p and XPS M1710 in this side of the targeted design.

First Asus G1P with a 15.4-inch display resolution of "gold ratio" 16:10 1680x1050, not a standard resolution of 1280x800 15.4-inch display, the visual angle of the horizontal/vertical 160 degrees/140 degrees. And the XPS M1710 with 17-inch screen resolution is to achieve an unprecedented 1920x1200, in such a high resolution screen display, the XPS M1710 than g1p display content rich, and can run the game at a higher resolution. Both widescreen screens offer more application modes, such as opening two Web pages, working with two different documents, or playing games while watching the video. It is more interesting to use. Of course, too much resolution makes the font too small, long time browsing the web or processing word, PPT documents more likely to cause visual fatigue. And for all gamers more meaningful is that the g1p screen response time is only 12ms, compared to the majority of the current 16ms-25ms response time "notebook" display, g1p screen can more effectively avoid FPS game screen drag-and-drop phenomenon, the actual performance ability is very good. The XPS M1710 display has a good response time, and its response time is 16ms.

Second, in order to solve the "notebook" keyboard feel poor, g1p and XPS M1710 for the keyboard to do a maximum overall optimization. Because these two models are relatively large size, so in their body using full-sized keyboard becomes possible, g1p keyboard for the overall black, the key process compared to the ordinary "notebook" keyboard to be long, its key typing elastic, feel good. And the game often used in a, S, D, W and directional keys have done a hardening process to ensure a more durable use of time, and in these key caps sprayed with eye-catching green logo. It is worth mentioning that these green logos are not only decorative, but also can be used at night to emit beautiful fluorescent, so that all players in the dark can easily find the key position. The XPS M1710 also uses a full-size, light gray keyboard, which looks clearer and more natural. Although the XPS M1710 designer didn't spend too much time on the keyboard, but in the actual operation feel, the XPS M1710 keyboard performance can be, each button has a good resilience, the disadvantage is that the lighter color of the keyboard is more dirty, and there is no g1p All Black keyboard as fit as the game player's appetite.

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