Who told you you need to hack the flash to share WiFi? (Purely nonsense)

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Used to be the school cmcc-edu WiFi, recently stopped to change the flash, listen to rumors seem to need to crack the flash message

Can send a WiFi out to share the use, I thought it was really so, this does not happen today want to use a mobile phone to connect WiFi brush under the network,

Try to crack it.

But then found that there is no need to crack, only need to open the Windows Task Manager after the flash login to end SingleNet.exe

This dialing process is good, and then you can share the virtual WiFi.

(PS: The bottom-right flash icon may disappear after the process has ended, but it does not affect the normal use of the network.) )

then we just have to enter the terminal command to turn on virtual WiFi :netsh wlan start hostednetwork

(Virtual WiFi Use specific method can ask Niang, say is I introduce of =_=)

What do you think? Simple, huh?

Who told you you need to hack the flash to share WiFi? (Purely nonsense)

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