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Seeing the merger of the audience and the crowd, let us think of a lot of things:

First, as the company itself operates:

In the face of fierce competition in the market, how to achieve maximum benefits, is competition or merger?
How can we maintain the existing market share?
How to raise the market entry threshold to avoid the market possession of the latter?
Second, as a venture capital:

How to anticipate the investment risk that the market will appear, how to avoid the enlargement of investment risk?
How to realize the biggest return of venture capital, the fastest set of cash, the fastest exit?
How to exert the strategic guiding function and significance of venture capital in the enterprise?
Then, looking back at the current venture into the largest, market prospects appear to be the largest in the marriage market, who will be in the hands of the trading lever:

According to the current situation of the development of dating sites:

First, the Chinese Friends Center:

China Friends Center group, has been running a website for 7 years, since the acquisition of the Chinese dating Center, has won more than 3 million of the membership, the achievement of hundreds of thousands of of the marriage, the Chinese love and marriage dating market has gained a good reputation;
The second time, acquired the 9I0 website, through it to the broad sense of the market to make friends, while the establishment of wireless dating channels;
Through cooperation with the major web sites to become their dating channels, through the cooperation with the Northern Green and so on, the establishment of media cooperation and influence;
Large-scale network products, magazines, to provide members with a more comprehensive service;
It is worth remembering: The Chinese dating center has completely stopped the ground activity system since August 2005!
Two, Lily Net:

From the broad sense of dating directly into the marriage dating market, and in China to establish a "psychological test category" dating website beginning;
Relying on the foundation of Hey friends, through viral marketing, in the short term established (said) millions of of the number of members;
Open a free online magazine, and realize the free use of wireless, wireless income so tight in the case of free do not know is the education market or forced helpless;
Third, century good margin:

One in the time is old, in the operation is the new marriage dating website;
If in the absence of Qian Weijiang and other capital operations and market operations master of the intervention and export, Century Jiayuan really may be into also little Dragon female, defeated also little Dragon female;
The strong ground activity system is the site that gives all competitors a table image; There are two ways in which the operation of the angel investment is complete and the previous operation is: The small longnu in her expectation is the century Jiayuan to build an industrial chain form; We can say she's blowing before there's no capital involved. But there are Qian Weijiang and other masters behind the scenes, we do not have a bit of trust;
Four, marry my net:

Asian soft silver Investment, it seems that there is a big difference, especially Topaz's last handwriting;
Hao Tianquan The introduction of the concept of dating, seems to indicate that its appetite is very good, also seems to indicate that the investment project in the establishment of the period has been doomed to success;
Married My network launched the Trinity of marriage dating model, is indeed a new concept, but more to the back of the more said that it is not a central operating mode, recently launched the "Love and marriage industry in the Ctrip concept"-service-centric service users;
There's wireless support behind these dating sites, but since May 20, after the "SP11", I believe that all the dating sites are bound to be affected, and whether the dating site can be like CCW analyst expected: to become the industry of wireless use and channel and channel content support?

So, can only site charges meet the needs of the site? Can venture capital in the future satisfy this development model?

How would you like to stand in the venture capitalist's perspective?

First, continue to invest, according to the current mode of business expansion: Imitate match, eharmony, to create a Chinese-style marriage market and model? No wireless support, love and marriage in China is not bullshit!

Second, take the road of division and gathering, mergers or acquisitions?! Then who will be the protagonist of this transaction, who will be a supporting role?

The Chinese dating center, already an inflated system, has ceased to live on the ground, can it be said that he would not need the ground system? Or just, in accordance with the current competition, break up doing things better than hands? To manage the site, the ground activities as long as the acquisition of a large enough ground system, the concept of indoctrination, and then packaged listing!
Lily Nets, the current site to do a good job, what is the implementation of charges: Wireless, magazine advertising or membership dues? is not a long-term strategy! Dating sites in China without ground is almost impossible! The 11 million dollars that venture capital gives you is to lay eggs, not to run for you. What is your incubator?
Century Jiayuan, a ground-leading dating site, the site did not see any memorable place, perhaps this time the revision is just a trial of action; If the venture capital operation: Century Jiayuan is indeed a very worthy of the acquisition of the site, as a strong network advantage of dating site strong channels and support! But, do not know which website will be who!?
Marry my net, already have the Trinity system, the present must do is only: The service is good, the channel dredge, the product landing!
Mergers and acquisitions, there will be two of these sites must be combined! will be the network Advantage + ground advantage of the combination!

In the Wireless limited, in the individual website can not get a certain size of the market, the site may be listed in the warm stimulation, investors will be like the "crowd" into the embrace of "divided", laugh and happy! Otherwise, only pain and discomfort!

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