Why are fewer people on Windows computers on OS X?

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Q: Why do many people install Windows on a Mac, but few people install OS X on a PC? (Note: Typically, we define a PC that runs Windows, while the Mac OS is OS X)

A: The real popularity of the iphone has allowed more Chinese consumers to recognise Apple products. But the consistently high price of Apple products has also made some consumers of Apple products a false evaluation, that is: the use of Apple products equals "installed." The misconceptions about the iphone and other products have been eased by the growing popularity of the iphone in the Chinese market in recent years. But for Mac, this idea still exists. Especially for the users of the Windows system on Mac computers, many netizens think this is a kind of performance with no taste. But is that really the case?

I believe that all consumers who have seen, or have personally tried, the Mac family of products, whether it's MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, will experience Apple's quest for industrial design and industrial excellence for the moment. It has also become the first and most important reason for most consumers to be touched by a Mac. The MacBook air, as a super-beginner, has a wedge-shaped, lightweight design that truly makes the notebook a portable product. The MacBook Pro has been reduced in size after the Retina screen is configured, and the delicate aluminum-in-one housing is exquisite.

But do I have to use OS X systems to buy a Mac? The answer is clearly negative. Even Apple itself gives the answer: the proactive offer of boot camp helps simplify the process for users who want to use Windows on their Mac.

There are many reasons why users will continue to use Windows. first of all, the purchase of Mac users, most of them have been for many years windows "driving age", and even many users from Windows 95 began to use, 97, XP, Win7 to the present Win8, for the system has produced a strong use of habits. If a sudden change to OS X system, the cost of learning and customer service habits of the energy consumed by the user is also not a small problem.

Second, the software experience under the Windows platform is generally more than OS X. in the Chinese most familiar with the use of several software, the Mac version of the Thunderbolt for quite a long time does not support offline download, and even after the recent support, the use of the effect is still not compatible with the Windows version of the experience, and as for the Qq,windows version has always been known for stability, But the Mac version of QQ has been looking for directions, the recent 3.0 version has been criticized by some users, and the online Banking payment system and input methods, such as daily necessities, OS X has only recently started to keep pace, not to mention the Windows system for the game's ultra-high support.

It's the kind of impact that makes it possible to buy Mac users with stunning looks and fine workmanship, and install Windows on their computers. But then again, the money is grandpa, buy what they want to pack anything. There are a lot of machines in the large number of users to load pirated software to despise the installation of genuine Windows on Mac users, I think it is somewhat unreasonable.

So why is there a small number of users who install Apple OS X systems on a PC?

It is true that users install Mac OS on their PCs, and we often call these machines "black apples" because the installation is not officially supported. This has led to the complexity of installing OS X on a PC.

The main reason is that the drive is imperfect. because Apple's hardware and software have been specially optimized, if you want to install black Apple, then the first need to equip with Apple has a product consistent with the hardware, if Apple does not have hardware, then can only rely on personal writing drive, this kind of folk behavior is virtually no guarantee. Want to run a full set of black Apple hardware, including motherboard chips, graphics cards, sound cards, network cards and keyboard and mouse devices, these need to support the completion of the driver. For this reason, black apples are less stable when used and have a serious impact on the user experience.

In addition, the installation of black apples for the user also has a considerable demand. because in the process of installing black Apple, can encounter a lot of restart operation, modify configuration file, update driver and so on, so many small white users are deterred.

These are the main reasons why there are few OS operating systems installed on the PC for Mac.

Finally, I want to say that every user who buys a product has the right to choose their own preferred way of use, which is understandable, whether it is on the Mac to install Windows, or the PC installed OS X, can get their familiar, like the use of feelings, is to buy the ultimate value of this product. I believe that the original starting point of the manufacturers are actually the same.

Why are fewer people on Windows computers on OS X?

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