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Before writing a similar article, want to write too many things, the result of nothing to speak clearly. So, re-write a set of introductory tutorials, "Understanding Interaction Design", "interactive design of the functional Scope", "Interactive design common methods" ... Several chapters share my understanding and experience of the industry.

Let's start with the topic (Why interaction Design, what interaction Design can do):

1. What are the elements of a successful internet product?

① when your boss needs to make a product, it must first be achievable, which is why the core programmer architects are generally highly treated because they are productive. Then the successful product first has to have – the achievable model.

What do ② products do for? " Convenient for users, let users play the cool? " Of course not, the ultimate goal of the product is profitability, and your leadership is only concerned about it. How to make a profit, but also a sustainable profit. This requires a second element – the business model.

③ has the implementation model and business model product been successful? Before, but now the times are different, most of the application has no technical problems, in this enterprise is not lack of systems, the Internet is not lack of products and users do not understand the technology of the moment, you rely on what to win the user? A strong operating team can only push a peak, The most fundamental thing is the need for a third element of the product – the user model, which, like water, can achieve a product, make the product go farther, or destroy an excellent business model product.

2. How to improve the user model?

① We first look at the traditional development process: Project → programming → testing → landscaping

Most of these products are biased towards the implementation model of Programmer's thinking or the business model of marketing planning, and the design is to add some colors to the icon (for example: global resources, we can point out the vision), basically does not exist the concept of user model.

② in order to improve the user model of the problem, now most of the company's development process has made improvements, basically based on such a process: project → requirements analysis → design → programming → testing

Such processes increase the ability requirements for demand analysts and designers, and such a combination must be highly integrated with the business model and the user model, in the context of implementing the model. So here's the question:

Assuming that designers have only visual design capabilities

Most of the Internet products are engaged in the design of the interface is the art of origin, the understanding of the business is weaker than the performance needs, is basically based on the product staff of the wireframe production of visual manuscript, can not promote the optimization of the page structure. The finished product is still biased towards business requirements. It's okay to meet a comprehensive product manager, and having a business-oriented product manager can only make stupid things go on. For example: Some of the conversion rate is low, jump out of the high page, the product manager will feel that the main reason is that the design draft atmosphere is not enough, the button is not big enough. The real reason for this is that the designer is based on his wireframe visual manuscripts, goal-oriented and behavioral calls are not enough.

Assume that designers have product planning and visual performance

Such a large number of designers also exist, but found that the efficiency of communication with the product is very low, there will be the following problems:

1. Communication difficulties; 2. The cost of modification is high; 3. Unable to estimate the completion time; 4. Unable to persuade the other; 5. Project time is not allowed.

3. Solution –UCD Concept

In order to solve the above problems, UCD's concept began to be accepted and recognized gradually, one of the most driven positions-interactive design is to follow such a large environment is independent. We can understand the main organizational structure of the major internet companies ued:

Compared to previous processes, there are more user research and interaction design positions, and these two positions play a major driving role in the process of product concept to implementation.

4. How the interaction design develops and integrates into the development process

Let's start by combing through the two problems encountered in the previous process: 1. The user model is imperfect; 2. Communication barriers

The user model is imperfect;

How to improve the consumer model requires two processes:

framework of ① business model

During the conceptual phase of the product, interaction designers need to focus on the user interface and the overall structure, a process called "Framework Design", which is a navigation architecture and process design based on user goals. This phase of the interaction of the output is mainly the navigation structure diagram, flow chart and the minimum real line diagram.

All of the above outputs need to be validated repeatedly with the product manager to ensure the integrity of the business model.

Ii. interface of Frame

After defining the page structure and process of the functional modules, the interaction designer also needs to design and plan the user's operations, which include the primary and secondary relationships of the page elements, the processing of widgets, the organization of elements, the guidance of the interface, and so on. This stage interaction designer needs to provide prototype demo:

Prototype demo is a process that is mainly used to express business needs and define interface model, which is a goal-oriented design process. This process can be multiple iterations, is the main means of refining the quality of products. With this process, the perfect user model that we talked about before can be solved, and the concept of UX design is actually implemented.

Communication barriers

In the process of product development, there are obstacles in the cooperation and communication of various departments, and these problems can be solved after the interactive positions are created.

① Product and Design communication

In the framework phase, the interaction designer utilizes the information frame composition and the flowchart to determine the business requirements.

In the frame interface stage, the user's operation and interface elements can also be expressed with prototype demo, and the cost of modification is low, and can be quickly iterated.

② product, design and development, testing communication

Interactive designers use prototype demo to do evaluation test is a very efficient way, such a method can not only intuitive expression of demand, but also can provide early user testing, so many unforeseen problems in time to throw, prototype demo is through the concept phase and implementation phase of the best expression, And these all have the higher request to the interaction design.

5. Summary

So much has been written to explain why interactive design and interaction design can solve the problem. If policymakers fail to understand these truths, the UCD approach is difficult to carry out, and if practitioners fail to understand these truths, the work done will be blind and ineffective. I would like to use this article to help some beginners understand the task and purpose of their work, less to take detours.

The next section, "The function of interaction design," will be specific to how interaction design work is unfolding and ending ...

Author: Xiao Meng

Article Source: The interactive design of the small fierce

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