Why are more and more people using python?

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C and Python, Java, C #, etc.

C Language: C language is directly called the Machine code, machine code is the computer can directly recognize the code, it all the code of the computer can recognize

Other languages: code compiled to get bytecode, virtual machine execution byte code and converted to machine code to execute directly on the processor

The language of Python and C Python is developed by the C language.

For use: Python's class library is complete and concise, if you want to implement the same functionality, Python 10 lines of code can be implemented, and C requires a lot of line code to implement

For speed: Python runs much slower than C,python

If you are concerned about code performance, you have to write in C.

Python and Java, C #, etc.

There are original python on the Open source Linux system, other languages are not, the above languages have a very rich class library support

Python is slower in comparison to other languages.

But Python has a lot of interfaces that can interface to C, Java, C #, and are closer to the bottom of C.

Writing a C program is like a bunch of people with bayonets, dancing in a wax-beaten dance hall.

C + +: Difficult to learn and more difficult to use, design so.

In many ways, Java is c++--

Now let's look at an unprecedented show.

What exactly is Python, anyway?

An interpretive, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.

Python has a variety of types:

Interested friends can find the type of Python from the Internet, I do not introduce here.


Why are more and more people using python?

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