Why can't I display the green address bar when my browser accesses the Wosign EV SSL certificate Web site?

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EV SSL is an abbreviation for Extended Validation SSL, which is an SSL certificate issued in accordance with the globally unified strict authentication standard and is currently the highest security level in the industry. A user accesses a Web site that has an EV SSL certificate deployed, not only the browser address bar displays a security lock flag, but the browser address bar turns green and the name of the site owner's organization is displayed directly. Therefore, we recommend that all e-commerce sites have an EV SSL certificate, because e-commerce first requires online trust, followed by online security. EV SSL certificate, green secure channel, enhance online trust, facilitate more online orders!

Wosign (wosign) ultra-Ann SSL series for EV SSL certificate, the normal display effect as shown, will cycle to show the site's unit name and certification Authority name:


Shows two different certification bodies "identified by Wosign 1999 " and "identified by certification authority of Wosign " Because Wosign already has 3 root certificates provisioned to the Windows Trusted root certificate, and both are root certificates that support EV SSL, you may see some sites that show the certification authority as "identified by the CA wosign root certificate " as shown in:

Considering that some users do not upgrade the Windows root certificate, in order to ensure the universality of the Wosign EV SSL certificate, we recommend that users install the UTN cross root certificate on the Web server instead of installing the Wosign root certificate, so that if the user does not have our root certificate on the computer, it will show the effect as shown. Only the security lock identification is displayed, and the Green Address bar and organization name are not displayed:

This is normal and does not affect the certificate encryption feature. Users can click here to download and install patch KB931125 on Microsoft website to display the above green address bar effect. Or click here to install the Wosign 1999 cross root certificate.

Note : Since EV SSL certificate display depends on the user's environment, even the VeriSign EV SSL certificate will occur, as shown in the ICBC Network Silver Certificate, can display the Green address bar:

However, if the user's computer does not have a VeriSign EV root certificate, the display appears as shown, displaying only the security lock identification, and not the green Address bar and organization name:

Why can't I display the green address bar when my browser accesses the Wosign EV SSL certificate Web site?

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