Why can't I go backwards? unixcenter prize!

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Today is a happy day. I received "Why can't I go backwards?"

Sun, 26 Aug 2007 18:56:29 + 0000
Dear Unix-Center.Net user:
Because the notification function of the software may be incorrect, we may mistakenly send the award notification to all members. So, the list of Lucky netizens to Unix-Center.net site published list prevail:
The second batch of Lucky netizens in Unix-Center.Net
Http://www.unix-center.net /? P = 49
We are humble here if any inconvenience is caused to you.

It reminds me of the invitation advertisement for the registration of the UNIX center at the beginning of the year. I registered it with reverence for Unix.

I am ashamed to say that I have been busy with my work and failed to really experience the services of the UNIX center. Today I received this prize, which is a shame.

However, this makes me feel the appeal of culture. This is not an ordinary book. Due to its special origins, I must read it well, in return for the UNIX-CENTER of my care.
Recently, I am enthusiastic about NGO/NPO Community research and practices. The arrival of this book gives me a feeling of being arranged by heaven,
Don't talk about it. Let's get started with the taste of the book...

This is a genuine and simple letter in the book:

"China is a developing country. We have many teachers, students and engineering personnel who want to learn Unix/Linux systems, but suffer from the absence of appropriate environments and conditions. If you think the services we provide are useful to you, please help us publicize them in three to five BBS, community, and Forum that you visit frequently, more Unix/Linux fans will benefit from our services. As a non-profit-making technology community, your help and support are the greatest motivation for us to move forward.

I want to experience UNIX center. I want to send my feelings to my blog. Please recommend it to csdn!

PS: Book is from "Room 601, Unit 4, building 1, caimanjie, No. 69 Chaoyang Road, Beijing, Sun China Technology Community" express delivery company.
Tel: 010-85766266, postal code: 100025

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