Why can't 360 browsers open?

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360 browser usage in our country is very large, this is not only because of its security defender, more critical is the 360 browser its own functional problems, but sometimes we use some problems, this may be our computer problems, so why 360 browser can not open it? What should I do?

First of all, if the browser is not open, we can download and reinstall the browser, the general problem can be resolved smoothly.

After downloading, click the Install button to start the installation, the specific installation process is not to repeat.

Installation complete, open the browser, see if it is normal, if the browser can open, but do not display the Web page, please see the next step.

Open the Control Panel in the Start menu and open the Windows Firewall option in Control Panel.

In the settings page of the firewall, click on the open or Close firewall option in the left-hand navigation bar.

After clicking, there will be a button to use the recommended settings, click, will return to the system default state, the general interception of the program will be open, it can be normal on the Web page.

There is also a possibility that your anti-virus software to intercept the operation of the program, you can according to their own anti-virus software to set the different targeted. Because you do not know the specific anti-virus software in your computer, so no longer detailed description.

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