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In general, as long as the introduction of Microsoft's System update upgrade, the Microsoft System will automatically update the upgrade, but sometimes the automatic update of Windows system will cause some software can not be used, this win8 system as long as an upgrade IE browser can not open, this is how it is going on, Why IE Browser can not open, WIN8 system an upgrade cannot open IE browser how to do, the following small series to bring you a detailed introduction.

Method One

1, back to the traditional desktop location of the WIN8 system, and then we press the WIN8 computer keyboard on the Win+r shortcut keys to open the computer's running window, in the open running window, input cmd and click enter;

2. At the Open Command Prompt window, enter netsh winsock reset and click Enter;

3, the WIN8 system will run itself according to the command, waiting for the completion of the operation, restart their own win8 system can be

Method Two

Clear IE Cache

1. Open IE browser → click "Tools" → "Internet Options" → "Delete":

2. Check all the options → click "OK" → Click "OK" in the confirmation window (if you use another browser, clear the browser cache in a similar way)

Method Three

Repair the Registration Form

1. Click the "Start" menu → enter "regedit" in the search box → Press the keyboard enter key:

2. Locate to Hkey_rootie. Httpshell, double-click to open the (default) to set the default value to null → Click OK

3. According to the first 2 steps, set the following registry key sequentially

3.1. Set Hkey_classes_rootie. Httpshellopencommand The default value is "" C:Program filesinternet Exploreriexplore.exe "-nohome" (64-bit system, set to%programfiles (x86)%I Nternet exploreriexplore.exe-nohome ") (excluding the outermost double quotes) type is REG_SZ

3.2. Set Hkey_classes_rootie. Httpshellopenddeexec The default value is '%1 ',,-1,0,,,, (excluding the outermost double quotes) type is REG_EXPAND_SZ

3.3. Set Hkey_classes_rootie. Httpshellopenddeexecapplication The default value is "IExplore" (excluding the outermost double quote) type is REG_SZ

3.4. Set Hkey_classes_rootie. Httpshellopenddeexectopic The default value is "Www_openurl" (excluding the outermost double quote) type is REG_SZ

3.5. Set Hkey_classes_roothttpshellopencommand Default value is "%programfile%internet exploreriexplore.exe-nohome" (64-bit system, set to "% ProgramFiles (x86)%internet Exploreriexplore.exe-nohome ") (excluding outermost double quotes) type is REG_SZ

3.6. Set hkey_classes_roothttpshellopenddeexec default is ""%1 ",,-1,0,,,," (excluding the outermost double quotes) of type REG_EXPAND_SZ

3.7. Set Hkey_classes_roothttpshellopenddeexecapplication default value of "IExplore" (excluding the outermost double quotes) type is REG_SZ

3.8. Set Hkey_classes_roothttpshellopenddeexectopic default value of "Www_openurl" (excluding the outermost double quotes) type is REG_SZ

Method Four

Direct use of 360 security guards for repair

Open 360 security guards to find throwing service, enter IE browser can not open, and then directly repair on it

If you do not open the IE browser can be referred to the appeal method to solve Oh, I hope to help you.

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