Why compare computers to true self-nature?

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when the computer shuts down, there is nothing on the screen, such as true self-nature cham but clean, the cause to the boot, the computer can appear all, all things can show out, when the computer play greedy, angry, crazy image, the computer will not because of these greed and hatred of the image of the bad, play 10 good or icon, The computer will not be so good. When these good, evil like play, the computer shut down and return to the state of pure Nothing, is the Buddha said to see all the phase and heart, no kindness, no nausea, the heart of the pure inside and outside crystal, revealing true as self-nature. Every day we look at all the sights, good, bad, good, evil, and the computer broadcast scene is the same, sentient beings can be like the computer so see after, do not follow the image of the heart, can be returned to the clean self-nature is not the phase. If can do is to see the true Buddha

isn't it good or bad? now many sentient beings are two-dimensional thinking, either right or wrong, no success is failure, only see the results do not look at the process, the results are very important, but the process is more important, China has an old saying is, not to success or failure on the hero, said is not to the two-dimensional law thinking to see things, such as our body, is Does it hurt or itch? Arms itch with the hand to grasp, the more grasping more comfortable, itching is opposite is also complementary, the normal should be perfunctory , again for example: Yin and Yang , yin Good or yang good? Yin and Yang are opposites are complementary, yin and yang interaction is the norm, again for example: self -nature, is empty? What's more? Empty is a mutual transformation of interaction, vacuum is not free, not empty, is the middle road, is true as self-nature.

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Why compare computers to true self-nature?

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