Why do I-"CPU soft lockup" messages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a Unisys E7600 or NEC 5800 ex__linux

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Why do I-"CPU soft lockup" messages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a Unisys E7600 or NEC 5800 Express with Core S?


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You may be "CPU soft lockup" messages in the log files on the core systems under heavy load. These are informational messages indicating this a CPU did not respond to a softlockup timer within the timer window (curr ently seconds on Red Hat Enterprise Linux). They do not indicate a problem with the system.

The system continues to function correctly and although with some performance anomalies related to a CPU spinning on a lock F or seconds or more.

The current upstream setting to Softlockup timer parameter is seconds. Testing has shown that we did not have these messages if the parameter are set to seconds or more.

We suggest altering the "default value of Kernel.softlockup_thresh from" by doing one of the following:

Recommended, affects current and next reboot value:

    Sysctl-w kernel.softlockup_thresh=30

Add This line to/etc/sysctl.conf (takes effect on next reboot):


Change value dynamically; Only affects the system ' s current value:

    echo >/proc/sys/kernel/softlockup_thresh

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