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Why do I need to enable two-step verification for an Apple ID? Why should I use two-step verification for my Apple ID?

Apple ID is the key for you to perform many Apple-related tasks. Please note that only you can access your account details, update your password, access your stored data, and synchronously update data through iCloud, or use your account to shop in iTunes and App Store. The two-step verification feature ensures the security of Apple IDs and personal information as much as possible.
How do I configure two-step verification?

Log on to the Apple ID account page.
Under "two-step verification", click "start to use ".
Answer the security question and follow the corresponding steps to complete the settings.
How does it work?

When you set up two-step verification, you need to register one or more trusted devices. Trusted devices are controlled by you. You can receive 4-digit verification codes by text message or "Find My iPhone. You must provide at least one phone number that supports the text message function.
After that, each time you log on to manage your Apple ID, log on to iCloud, or use a new device to shop in iTunes, iBooks, or App Store, you must enter a password and a four-digit verification code to verify your identity, as shown below.

After logging on, you can securely access your account or shop as usual. If you do not have a password or verification code, you cannot access your account.
You will also receive a 14-character recovery key. Print it out and save it properly. If you cannot access a trusted device or forget your password, you can use the recovery key to regain account access permissions.
Do you still need to remember all security questions?

If you use two-step verification, you do not need to create or remember any security questions. You can use a password, a verification code sent to a trusted device, and a recovery key to verify your identity.
What text message numbers should I verify for my account?

You must verify at least one phone number that supports the SMS function for your account. You should consider verifying all phone numbers commonly used on your iPhone or other mobile phones that support the SMS function. You should also consider verifying the phone number that supports the text message function for your friends and family (such as spouse or other family members. If you are unable to access your device, you can use this number.
Landline or Web-based (VOIP) telephone services cannot be used for two-step verification.
How can I use the "Find My iPhone" notification to receive the verification code?

You can use the "Find My iPhone" notification on all iOS devices that have enabled the "Find My iPhone" function to receive the verification code.
Where should I save the recovery key?

Store the recovery key in your home, office, or other locations. You should consider printing multiple keys to store them in multiple places. In this way, you can easily find the key as needed, and there will still be a backup copy when a copy is lost or damaged. You should not store the recovery key on a device or computer because it allows unauthorized users to immediately obtain the key.
If you need a new recovery key, you can create one on the Apple ID account page. Log on with your password and trusted device, go to the "security" section, click "edit", and then click "Change lost key ".
After a new key is created, the old recovery key becomes invalid.
How can I log on to my account using an application that does not support entering the two-step verification code?

You can generate an application-specific password on the Apple ID account page and enter it in the password column of the application you want to log on. This allows you to log on securely, even if the application you want to use does not support entering the verification code. For example, you can use a dedicated password to log on to an iCloud, address book, or calendar application that uses a third-party email.
To generate a dedicated application password, log on to the Apple ID account page. In the "security" section, click "edit"> "generate password ".

What do I need to remember when using two-step verification?

Two-step verification simplifies the process and enhances the security of the Apple ID. After two-step verification is enabled, you can only access and manage your account by using a password, a verification code sent to a trusted device, or a recovery key. Other methods are not feasible. Only you can reset your password, manage trusted devices, or create a new recovery key. Apple support personnel can help you solve other service problems, but cannot update or restore these three items on your behalf. Therefore, you must:
Remember password
Ensure the security of trusted devices
Properly save and restore keys
If you lose the permissions for both of the preceding three items, your Apple ID will be permanently locked.
What if I lose the recovery key?

You can log on to the Apple ID account page and use your Apple ID password and any trusted device to create a new recovery key.
What if I forget my Apple ID password?

You can reset your password using your recovery key and any trusted device on the Apple ID account page.
Apple support staff cannot reset your password. To reset the password, you must have a recovery key and be able to access at least one of the trusted devices.
What if I lose or give away one of the trusted devices?

If you cannot access a device, go to the Apple ID account page as soon as possible and remove it from the list of trusted devices. In this way, the device will no longer be able to verify your identity.
What if I no longer have access to all trusted devices?

If you cannot access all trusted devices, you can still access your account using a password and a recovery key. Then you should verify a new trusted device as soon as possible.
Why do I have to wait before setting two-step verification?

If you have made significant changes to your Apple ID account information recently, Apple does not allow you to proceed with two-step verification settings to secure your account. Major changes include resetting the password or setting new security alerts. This waiting period helps Apple confirm that you are the only person who accesses or modifies your account. While you are waiting, you can continue to use your account for all Apple services and stores as usual.
Apple will send an email to all the email addresses you have registered to notify you of the waiting period, and encourages you to contact Apple Support when you believe that others have accessed your account without authorization. On the Apple ID account page and after the date listed in the received email, you can set two-step verification.
After the waiting period, you will have 30 days to complete the two-step verification settings. If you have attempted to complete the settings only after 30 days, or you have made major changes to your account during this period, another waiting period may be triggered ..

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