Why do I often work late at night and late at night?

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Why do I often work late at night and late at night?

I am sending an article on Thursday evening!


Unconsciously, I work late every day, and many people do not particularly understand why I am so hard (what they say in their mouths). Of course, I disagree, it's really natural that it's late at night. Just like tonight.


Maybe this is not so common in a second-tier city. When I was in Baidu, about 1/10 of people would be the same as me, when you have one or two colleagues, you will not be so lonely. In a second-tier city like Changsha, almost no fellow travelers can be found.


What do I do when I work overtime? Some people do not work overtime because they can't finish their work. For such overtime work, when we were in Baidu, we managed to secretly work overtime, which may be hard for many people to understand, why do you have to secretly work overtime when you work for this company late at night?


The principle is very simple. In a technology-advocating company, if a person often needs to work overtime to complete his work, his ability to work must be problematic. Therefore, in order not to show your ability, you generally do not need to work overtime. If you cannot, you just need to secretly work overtime.


What am I doing when I work overtime? I am not forced to say what I want to do today or tomorrow, but what I want to do without a rush. It cannot be said that it has nothing to do with work. In fact, my overtime work is related to work, I can broaden my horizons and make decisions on a team's business planning based on the information supplemented during overtime hours. If this happens, you are very interested, if you are willing to go deeper, it is a spontaneous and happy thing to work overtime. This is essentially different from everyone's hobby of singing K to sing K.


As a team manager, I have been practicing it for a long time. I only look at the results without judging the process. So naturally, I have no idea whether a colleague should work overtime. If the job is well done, it seems to me that it is okay to go 4 o'clock (of course, the bad company system may not let it do this). Those who look at me have not gone, people who don't get off work and do nothing actually have no meaning.


I am working overtime rather than doing what I like.


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