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1. Do not install the Thunderbolt in the system partition: The system partition is the "Lair" of the Windows operating system to scan this partition for every task you perform. Thunderbolt default installation is the system partition, installation can be installed to other partitions, you can at a certain level to avoid the impact of system stability and improve the speed of the implementation of Thunder. Ditto, the default download directory is also not specified in the system partition.

2. Modify the number of system TCP connections: For security reasons, Windows XP SP2 limits the number of TCP connections to 10, but it affects download speed and has a greater impact on BT downloads. Thunderbolt with "XP system Optimization Tool" (In the Thunder "Tools" menu), recommended to change the maximum 1024 after the computer restart.

3. Optimize the configuration Thunderbolt parameters: In the Thunderbolt configuration items, disk cache not too large, too general to occupy more physical memory, will also affect the system's execution speed, recommended memory 512M below the user settings below 4096K. Threads also need to be fully open.

4. Do not drive too many tasks, preferably less than 3 concurrent tasks.

5. Close the "Download the Virus Detection option": Kaspersky real-time monitoring enough to cope with downloads and downloaded files. Under normal circumstances, the film is not a virus, with most of the virus is RAR, exe format files, it is recommended that experienced users can turn off "download the virus option." This option only drags the system on multiple file downloads, and other anti-virus software users can consider shutting down.

6. Limit upload speed: Unlimited upload speed will largely reduce your download speed. If your Thunder download speed is not stable, you can see "Why I Thunderbolt speed instability," the article. After testing, limit upload speed to 1kb/s when the download speed is 250k/s above, unrestricted words will be reduced to 80~100k/s. Recommended limit upload speed to 1~5kb/s.

7. Stop BT upload: BT download completed after 5.6 beta version of the default at least continue to upload 30 minutes, the current user can only be completed after the BT task manually suspended upload. For users who upload more quickly, pausing uploads will increase the download speed of other tasks.

8. Timely use of the "pause"-"Start" button: Sometimes the task to search more than 100 resources, but the speed is reduced, this time, you can pause the task, and then start, let the server to search for resources, then the speed is significantly higher. This method 95% is valid.

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