Why does ADSL always fall off the line

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1, the well-known hardware failure probability is very small, so the elimination of the fault we have to first soft after the hard. The computer frequently drops the line in many cases the virus causes, therefore the first step needs the overall antivirus, after the anti-virus completes uses "360 First aid box" to scan the repair system.

2, has not updated the recent network card driver, if there is or not remember, then recommended to reload Network card driver, recommended download "Drive Wizard", a key scan repair drive.

3, if the above two methods are not resolved, then the network cable and modem (commonly known as "cat") the possibility of failure is very large. The cable from the modem to the computer to replace directly, and then restart the modem, if the solution has not been recommended for network providers to send people over to overhaul!

 Local area network computer frequently drop line

1, LAN computer frequent drop line can also be judged by the above steps, if not resolved, then try to restart the "router."

2, if these do not solve the computer frequently drop the line problem, then the most likely ARP attack, ARP attack for hackers disguised as the attack computer MAC address, interception of data, the computer will be attacked regularly drop line. The best solution is to bind the LAN IP address to the MAC address.

3, because most of the home router function is simple and many do not have the IP address and MAC address binding function, so here we use the trend to the intranet security guards to implement binding functions and prevent ARP attacks. Baidu "trend to the Intranet security Guardian", click on the first site to enter.

4, click "Product Center"-"Intranet security Guardian"-"Download Trial".

5, Download complete, decompression, double-click "Lanprotector" follow the prompts to install step-by-step, until completed.

As shown in figure:

6, after the installation, running, in the "Please select the network card" in the current trial of the network card (most computers have only one network card, there is only one choice, if it is a notebook, then there will be two choices, select the current Working network card).

7, click "Start Monitoring", and then in the "white list" in the local area network currently working computer, and the implementation of IP address and MAC address binding.

 Attention matters

1, there are a few computers frequently dropped because the network card hardware failure, but this situation appears very little, so did not enumerate, if the above solution does not solve your problem, then most likely your network card has a hardware failure.

2, in the use of the trend to the intranet security guards, if a new computer to join the LAN, remember through the "add" to add this host.

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