Why does Google Adsense always display public ads?

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This problem occurs to all Google Adsense members, that is, GG. Why do Gg always display public interest advertisements? Or set Google Adsense. Code When you select not to display Google Adsense public interest ads, it will be displayed blank.

When Google Adsense advertisement code was added to the new website, Google Adsense was capturing the content of your website. It took about half an hour to display public interest advertisements or blank spaces. this is a normal phenomenon. in addition, if you put Google Adsense ads in the IFRAME framework, there may be too many public ads. Google Adsense is very disgusted with the framework, and too many frameworks will make Google Adsense unable to capture the correct webpage content. google Adsense ads are no problem in table and Div. it is best to put Google Adsense closer to the main content, so that it is easy to capture the correct keywords and match the high-priced Google Adsense keywords.

The following is a description of the Google Adsense plan policy:

Our system has not crawled all webpages on your website.
You may find that the most relevant advertisement is not displayed after the AdSense advertisement code is placed on the webpage. If Google hasn't searched your website before, our crawling tool may take 48 hours or longer to collect content from your webpage. During this period, you may see public interest advertisements that do not generate income for you. Alternatively, you can only see ads with a slight correlation. The correlation will increase over time.

Your webpage may contain sensitive content, which does not display any paid advertisement.
Our system has set specific filters to prevent advertisers from advertising on webpages that may contain negative content, unhealthy content, or even aggressive content. Although your webpage content should not be classified into any of these categories in essence, sometimes emphasizing some sensitive topics on the webpage will also enable our servers to place public interest ads on this webpage.

Your website uses the session ID in the URL.
If your webpage uses a session ID, you cannot place ads on these webpages. This session ID changes every time a different user views a webpage, which leads to a change in the URL. Therefore, this URL does not appear in the index, but enters the waiting queue. When the URL is crawled, the session may have been terminated. As a result, the web page you see cannot enter the index. To display ads, delete the session ID.

Your website uses the robots.txt file to restrict some access.
If your website uses the robots.txt file, the AdSense crawling tool may not be able to crawl your webpage. We will not be able to deliver the most targeted ads to you based on your website content. If we cannot capture some webpages or understand the content of these webpages, public service advertisements may be placed on these webpages, and these advertisements cannot bring you any income.

You can allow our crawling tool to access your webpage without granting permission to any other crawling tool. You only need to add the following two lines to the beginning of the robots.txt file:
User-Agent: mediapartners-Google *
After this change, our googlebot can capture the content of your website, so that we can provide you with the most targeted Google ads.

For more information about the robots protocol, visit the http://www.robotstxt.org.

We cannot crawl your webpage.
Sometimes, because of a problem with your web server or a connection to your website, our crawling tool may not be able to access your webpage. If we receive server error messages when trying to retrieve your robots.txt file, Your webpage will display unrelated ads or public ads before the problem is resolved.

If our system receives an error message from your web server, our crawling tool regularly attempts to access this webpage to see if it has recovered. Before our crawling tool can access this page, your website will display non-relevant ads or public welfare ads.

Your website uses a framework.
To make it easier for our system to deliver more targeted ads based on the content of your website, please select the "frame web page" check box for the code layout page of the advertisement when generating the advertisement code. After this is done, our crawling tool will collect content from your framework, so that we can put ads on your content. In addition, if you put the AdSense ad code into a framework that is independent from the main content of the website, Google Adsense crawling tool will not be able to match the ads with your web content. Ad code should be placed in the same frame as the webpage content in order to serve advertisements on webpage content, which is crucial

The AdSense code is placed in IFRAME.
Our positioning technology is not yet optimized for advertising in IFRAME. If you place the AdSense code in IFRAME, your website may display poor-targeted ads or public ads. To achieve better results, please place our advertisement code directly on the webpageSource code. Even if you make these changes, there may be no targeted ads immediately. It may take 30 minutes or longer for us to crawl your website again. Before that, Your webpage may continue to display untargeted ads or public welfare ads.

You need to log on to your webpage.
Currently, our crawling tool cannot easily access the webpage that requires logon. In addition, because these types of Web pages are not easy to access and review, and it is difficult for our AdSense experts to confirm that these pages to be logged on comply with the Google Adsense policy, therefore, we cannot provide support for these webpages.

You have added too many URLs to the account Filter list.
If you add too many URLs to the filter list, we may not be able to find other advertisements for your content. For this reason, you may also see low-relevance ads or public welfare ads on your webpage.

Your webpage does not contain enough content.
Your website does not contain enough information, so our crawling tool cannot determine your webpage content. Therefore, we may not be able to determine the ads that can be displayed on your webpage. Please note that our grabbing tool cannot understand the following meanings:

* Audio frequency and video files (.wma,. MPEG, And. mov)
* MP3 file (objects)
* Image (.jpeg and. BMP)
* Macromedia Flash Animation
* Small JavaProgram

In these cases, we recommend that you provide more content on your website in addition to the above files to help our crawling tools collect information about your website and display relevant ads.

The content of your website is mainly written in an unsupported language.
If you place AdSense code on a webpage, its content is mainly written in unsupported languages. We can display public interest ads or advertisements in other languages. If you are not satisfied with the advertisement displayed on your website, you 'd better delete the advertisement code from these webpages and release it back when we can support your language.

When the old site encounters Google Adsense, it is always a dangerous signal to display public interest advertisements. Some people say that Google Adsense may warn you of cheating principles. in short, Google Adsense does not display public interest ads normally. You need to take some measures to make the ads display normally.

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