Why does the computer automatically reboot?

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Why does the computer automatically reboot?

1, hardware problems, such as the memory cooling instability, graphics, network card loosening, etc., if this is the case, the appropriate repair.

2, virus Trojan problem caused by some spoof virus attack will also prompt the system will automatically start in 60 seconds. or hack backdoor programs to remotely control all your computer's activities, including getting your computer restarted.

3, some settings problems, such as Windows XP by default, when the system is an error will be automatically restarted, so that when the user shuts down, if the system error occurs during the shutdown will restart the computer.

4, now USB devices are more common, such as U disk, mouse, keyboard, modem and so on, these USB devices are also easy to cause shutdown failure. When the shutdown becomes a reboot failure, if the computer is connected to a USB device, first unplug it, then shutdown.

Computer Automatic Restart Solution 1: View computer hardware and software problems

1, first check is not a hardware problem caused by computer shutdown after the automatic restart, if you do not understand hardware equipment, we suggest you get professional computer repair points for maintenance inspection, please do not disassemble or hardware equipment seriously damaged.

2, in the examination of the computer is not a spoof virus, you can use 360 anti-virus software virus Trojan killing, 360 anti-virus software is different, 360 anti-virus software not only can kill Trojan, can also repair the system.

3, turn off the automatic restart function, on the desktop right click on "My Computer", select Properties from the pop-up right-click menu, eject the System Properties window, click the "Advanced" tab, and tap the "Settings" button in the "Startup and Recovery" section to eject the Startup and Recovery window. In the System failure section, remove the check box before the automatic restart option, and click OK.

4, turn off Advanced Power Management, click the "start → settings → control Panel → performance and maintenance → power options", in the pop-up window, as required to enable or cancel the "Advanced Power support" can be. If you are using "Advanced Power Support" in the event of a failure, try canceling it, if you are using "Advanced Power support" when the failure occurs, try to enable it.

5, check your startup items are abnormal, because some of the startup items have bugs will also lead to computer shutdown after the automatic boot, the recommended use of 360 anti-virus software system optimization function, he will automatically help you analyze which programs do not need to boot up.

Computer Automatic Restart Solution 2: System setup in BIOS

1, into the BIOS, in the Power Management menu, to see "RME eventwake Up" (PME event wake-up), whether a "Enable" (default), if it is changed to "Disable."

2, right click on My Computer Select "Properties"/"Advanced/Startup and Recovery" in the "settings" in the Open dialog box to remove "system failure" in the "automatic reboot" before the check, as determined by the application.

3. Open Control Panel/performance and maintenance/Power Options/Advanced Power management/Check "Enable Advanced Power Management support" as applied.

4, sometimes shut down the first unplug the network cable troubleshooting, this may be the quality of the network cable or interface failure caused. Start/Run/Enter REGEDIT carriage return, open Registry Editor, expand in sequence [Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindow Ntcurrentversionwinlgon] Then, on the right, create or modify an existing string value called "Powerdownaftershutdown", whose value "1" indicates that the computer is powered off when shutdown, and 0 indicates that the computer is restarted.

5, if it is caused by network wake-up, double-click the local connection select Properties/Configuration/Advanced/On the left select Shutdown Network wake-up, selected on the right to turn off OK. If not, restore the system or reload the system.

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