Why drink some people will blush, some people will face pale?

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Why drink some people will blush, some people will face pale.

Let's start with the reason for blushing. Many people think that alcohol is the cause of it, but it is caused by acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde has the function of allowing capillaries to dilate, and the expansion of facial capillaries is the cause of the blush. So people who drink a blush mean they can quickly convert ethanol into acetaldehyde, which means they have an efficient ethanol dehydrogenase (alcohol dehydrogenase). But we can't forget. There is also an enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (aldehyde dehydrogenase). The person who drinks the blush is only the previous enzyme does not have the latter one enzyme, so the body quickly accumulates the acetaldehyde and the delay cannot metabolize, therefore the president time Rose red face. But we all have experience, when 1-2 hours after the red will gradually leg, this is by the liver P450 slowly converting acetaldehyde into acetic acid, and then into the TCA cycle is metabolized.
So what's the matter with the people who drink more badly? These people tend to drink more white face, to a point suddenly die, drunk. That's because such people have no high activity of ethanol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, mainly by P450 in the liver slowly oxidized (because P450 is a group of oxidized enzymes with a lower specificity). So why does such a person give a person the feeling of being able to drink very much. At that time, because they dilute alcohol by body fluids, the larger the size, the more likely they are to drink. Under normal circumstances, alcohol concentration of more than 0.1% they will be unconscious, for most southerners is half a catty of white wine, and northern people because of large size, can drink to 82 to a catty of white wine. But no matter what person, if he is the face of the more white type, it is best not to more than half a catty, or there is the possibility of acute alcohol poisoning.
What happens if a person has a high activity of ethanol dehydrogenase and a high activity of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase? He/she is the legendary wine crate. How to tell if he/she is a wine basket. See if there is a lot of sweating. Because if two enzymes are highly active, alcohol quickly becomes acetic acid into the TCA cycle and fever, so a lot of fever and sweating. You can only consider yourself unlucky when you meet such a person, that is, ten eight normal people can not fight him. Fortunately, this is not a lot of people, about one or 100,000 points.
One thing to remind everyone, the person who drinks blush is not easy to injure the liver, and the person with white wine face is very easy to injure the liver. Red-faced people generally less quanjiu, so drink less, drunk sleepy, sleep 15-30 minutes on the energetic again. And the white face often do not know their own ground, in the high excitement of drinking too much, until drunk. The alcohol in their body accumulates due to the absence of highly active enzymatic treatments, leading to liver damage. Alcoholic liver damage usually occurs only in these people. Red-faced people can drink a few consecutive meals even if they drink, while white men need more time to rest because the metabolism of alcohol takes one or two days.
By the way, people who study Jiangsu (the descendants of the ancient state of Wu and Yue) seem to be the origin of the red-faced gene, meaning that most of these people have highly active ethanol dehydrogenase. And the northerners are mostly white-face type. So if you were born in the north and you were a red-faced type, what do you mean? The answer is obvious, because the red-faced gene is the dominant gene.

Drink at the same time to drink more boiled water (also is a kind of watered-down wine, hehe), don't drink tea

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