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Advertising unit price or rise or fall is very normal things, especially for Google AdSense publishers. Many people will think that Google AdSense did something or Google to reduce the price of advertising, the fact is not so. From a certain point of view, Google AdSense is just an intelligent advertising trading platform, advertisers pay advertising fees and publishers revenue advertising fees, Google according to a certain percentage of commission. The only difference is that Google will be able to control the click prices of the various publishers through Smartprice, which does not mean that Google intends to reduce the revenue of a certain station, because the number of publishers with less revenue will also reduce the portion of Google, only to make advertisers more effective investment.

Because it is a bidding advertisement, advertisers can adjust the advertising unit price according to the actual situation, so it directly affects the earnings of the publisher. Google AdSense Advertising Unit Click Price in addition to subject to the impact of the price set by advertisers are also subject to other factors, including the overall environment, advertising matching, content and the relevance of Google AdSense smart prices system.

When will advertisers increase or lower their prices? Why do some advertisers keep lowering the price of advertising? Why do the new stations have higher ecmp? Why the longer the delivery time the lower the price? This is Google AdSense Publishers are very concerned about the issue. Different reasons for the duration of the time is not the same, different reasons should be taken by the corresponding measures are not the same.

Here is not to discuss how to increase the unit price, I mentioned in another post how to improve the cost of advertising units in the garbage station, there should be some reference to the regular station. We now mainly hope that by analyzing some of the data before and after the price reduction, we can find the cause of the reduction and guide us to put it more effectively.

1. New Station effect

This is a feature of Google, treat new people. Owners know that the new site will soon be in Google search engine to get a better ranking, and then the ranking will continue to drop, unless the webmaster took the necessary optimization measures.

Google AdSense is the same, when a new station began to put Google AdSense ads, regardless of what the ads, even if it is different languages (Chinese site matching to English ads) or unrelated topics, click the unit price will usually be very high. We can think that this is a promotional effect, so that the new publishers have more interest in participating in the advertising program. Of course, we can also think that this is Google AdSense to all the site set a default high conversion rate and in the Smartprice system has a high rating, and in the launch process according to the actual situation to adjust these parameters, similar to the search engine sandbox, You can call it Google Adsense Sandbox.

The new station effect of the AdSense cycle is slightly longer than the search engine, because the search engine technology is more perfect, so usually will soon get the actual rating to adjust the rankings.

The new station effect of AdSense may be a few weeks or even one months, but with the improvement of technology this cycle will be shortened.

Almost all of the webmaster will find their own click Unit Price reduced income reduction, in this case we should call it is more reasonable and not less, because the previous price is higher.

There are many webmaster constantly develop new station, the new station is the effect, through search engine optimization to quickly obtain traffic and then put Google Adsense, in a very short period of time to get a very high income, lower unit price after the new site, so reciprocating. At least in the current Google AdSense technology and management methods, this approach is effective.

2, the impact of the site environment

Have you ever had any trouble with your website? Whether the search engine or Google AdSense for the stability of the site have certain requirements, often can not visit the site not only get a good position also not to get high advertising price.

If your server has failed to make the site visit very slow or not at all, soon this impact will ripple to Google AdSense revenue. The same reason, when your site IP replacement will also have a new location, Google to get your new IP situation and reposition, advertising unit price may be reduced, more serious situation is in the positioning process is not match the ads, I observed a site has appeared for nearly one months of public service ads.

The site needs to be updated regularly, but try not to change the directory structure of the site, the server's IP and the ISP. If you have changed then wait patiently, the price will be recovered after a period of time, specific to how much depends on Google AdSense update speed and your luck.

3, matching the accuracy of the change

Publishers want to believe in a reality, Google is the best search engine technology company, but it is not God, so it must make mistakes, especially in a machine to make judgments.

Google AdSense on the content of the site's relevance is very high, if your site appears is not related to your topic ads, even if the advertisers set the highest price is 100 U.S. dollars on your site Click once your income may be only 1 cents.

Google Adsense Spider If the data from your site is not allowed or background analysis errors, then appear on your site ads are basically irrelevant, at this time you click More revenue will be very little, A lot of unrelated ads will not only make you drastically reduce your income, but will also affect your site's benefits for a long time to come.

Shielding unrelated ads or simply put those often appear in your site to screen out irrelevant sites, do not let those unrelated ads have the opportunity to appear, in the inability to shield you can even consider to temporarily stop the launch, choose only to put pictures ads.

Constantly update your site, so that you can improve the frequency of Google Adsense spider visit, to help them get richer information to match the ads. Set a large text, since you also know that Google AdSense will make mistakes, you have to make some conditions to make it less mistakes, spiders have the highest ability to identify text content, so you have to give them some.

To set up a reasonable structure of the site, do not mix the different themes together, another personal webmaster is not to do the portal material, so do not do a what all the garbage station. I think now we should be very easy to understand the professional station or the industry station is more likely to have high income, because the industry site theme is very clear, for Google to make a lot less chance of making mistakes.

Don't be a fool. Set up some of the high-priced keywords you see on the Internet, unrelated high priced keyword matching ads may bring you one or two higher income, but in the long run is a disaster for your station, and this is to stop the account of cheating.

Do not put ads in the need to log on the page, Google adsense spider can not have a password, it can not get the content will give you casually cast some ads, of course, such a launch is also a violation of the rules.

4, the overall delivery environment changes

Chinese advertisers are very nourishing, and they can get enough clicks no matter how low the price is set, because the publisher site is too much for the current advertiser. Google advertising is still a buyer's market, and more and more large portals and spam sites have joined the ranks of publishers, advertisers have more reason to lower prices.

But the situation is not exactly as pessimistic as the above mentioned, because:

High-quality flow or the need for higher prices, such as you want to put high-end consumer goods ads, depending on the garbage site or webmaster group to create traffic is not too much meaning, he has to improve the price so that Google AdSense matching to better quality of the site to obtain high-quality traffic. At this time you just do a let Google AdSense think is high-quality site, high prices will belong to you.

The number of advertisers is also increasing rapidly, with Google's marketing strategy and the implementation of China's strategy, more and more advertisers will put ads on Google, and more and more publishers have also made Google AdWords free advertising, We can assume that advertisers are relatively unlimited and the publishers are relatively limited in number. So don't worry, wait until everyone in Datong society will have dinner.

5, the main advertising adjustment price

This is the least worth complaining about the reason for the drop in advertising prices. Because advertisers will adjust the unit price according to the budget, the usual principle is four o'clock in the afternoon start unit price high, a week start unit price is high, January starts the unit price is high, the holidays price is high. Because the budget starting point when the cost is sufficient, high price ads are most likely to appear, once the high price of this period of advertising budget used up, began to show low-cost advertising.

November is the majority of the end of December for the fiscal year's settlement day of the advertisers more nervous, December because there are year-end activities and next year's plan will set aside advertising costs, so November will be very embarrassing, this and the stock market of the November low is somewhat similar. This time do not worry too much, will be the end of the year and the Spring Festival, a lot of advertising is sure to come out.

6, Occupation Advertiser's invasion

This is a very helpless phenomenon, many of our publishers, including me also advertisers, always find the right way to get the most traffic through the lowest price. No matter from which point of view, they are advertisers, but also comply with Google AdWords specifications, I in the Advertising Forum (club.adsenser.org) has mentioned the virtual host and friends of the site are most proficient in this way. At least I can't find a more appropriate way to deal with this situation, if you think you can just block these sites directly. It doesn't change the fact that they can still go their own way, or at least make your income report as awkward as it is now.

More professional advertisers are the agents of Google AdWords, no matter what the way they do, you think 800 yuan or less before you can pack a year of advertising, how much money can be divided into the hands of the publisher?

7, Smartprice

This is the most publishers face the reason for the price reduction, especially the garbage site webmaster. This is to let publishers know the importance of user experience, the quality of the user experience directly affect the advertising conversion rate, and conversion rate is your site advertising unit price of the most important determinants.

Search engines and experienced webmaster no matter how to remind and advise the novice will still turn a deaf ear, do not agree, until he found that his high click almost with no gain. Users from the Open browser to visit your Web page, to leave each operation will directly affect your advertising conversion rate, in other words, directly affect your advertising unit price. From this point of view should not ignore the user's feelings, do not take visitors as a click on your ads machine.

Don't cheat your visitors, give them snippets, false and wrong information, force them to click on your ads, deliberately delay your ads, let them download virus software, and so on. Organize the information you can provide, classify it, and provide it to the user in the quickest and most tidy way, using Google's words: do what you can, and you want it.

About Google AdSense Advertising Unit (non-product promotion) conversion rate of the issue I will be in another article to discuss, now remind the Publisher is only to pay attention to the user's feelings, active click is to improve the conversion rate of the key, active click on the premise that they are satisfied with your Web page and content.

What else can we do besides the above?

1, look forward to Google to adjust the unit price starting point
This is the most idealistic wish of the century, but it is also the most effective, and if Google increases the minimum price of all keywords by one times the income of the Publisher will naturally improve.

2. Change other advertisement
This is not the most effective but the most direct way, one less publisher will always have someone else to increase their income.

3, on their own site to put a display ads
This is for the rich people's advice, display the lowest ecpm of advertising is 0.17$, of course, you can also set higher, if you put on the site display ads, then less than this ECPM ads will not appear. It's not a very extravagant way, because Google will give you 78% of your advertising fee. If you have a lot of sites to try, but remember not to tell others I told you.

4, individual stationmaster unite together
At least it is an idea, though it is impossible. If the webmaster can unite to reject those low-cost advertising, even if the public service ads do not allow those low-cost advertisers to succeed, then they will naturally increase the unit prices.

But we have to believe that not all of the site advertising unit price will decline, the reason for the decline seems to be more serious because the price drop of the publishers are more willing to grumble, and many publishers have been in a smooth and good income level.

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