Why WiFi connection in win7 system found weak connection signal

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The specific method is as follows:

1. Wireless transmission power is not suitable. If the wireless transmission power of the router is adjustable, you can log on to the console interface of the router. Generally, in "advanced functions" or "Advanced Wireless Settings, increase the wireless power to the maximum.

2. Improper placement of routers if there are many rooms, the Wi-Fi signal of a wireless router may not penetrate all walls to cover all rooms. Generally, the routers are placed in the center of the room, which can take into account the Wi-Fi signal coverage of each room in the room. If the center still cannot cover all rooms perfectly, you can consider adding one or two wireless routers to expand the Wi-Fi signal coverage in each room, it is best to use a network cable connection between the added router and the primary router to ensure the perfect coverage of indoor Wi-Fi signals and high network accessibility.

3. Interference from other radio equipment the frequency of wireless routers used in the home is usually 2.4 GB, which is vulnerable to interference from other 2.4G frequency radio equipment in the space area, can replace 2.4G wireless mouse and other devices that interfere with Wi-Fi

Other methods

Enhance Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage through "bridge"

When the Wi-Fi signal generated by a wireless router (temporarily called the "primary router") is weak, we can use another wireless router with the "WDS" function (temporarily referred to as the "secondary router") to enhance the Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage in the "bridge" mode.
The specific method is as follows:
Log on to the background management of the secondary router, switch to the "wireless settings"-"basic settings" tab, and select "enable WDS.
After the "WDS" function is enabled, the extended panel shown in the figure is displayed. Here, we can directly enter the WiFi name, "BSSID" (network MAC address), and key of the master router, you can also click the "scan" button to automatically search for nearby Wi-Fi signals.
After you click the scan button, the AP list page is displayed, where you can find the WiFi hotspot you want to bridge and Click Connect.
In this case, the "WDS" bridge interface will be reflected, and the corresponding WiFi "SSID" and "BSSID" will be automatically filled in. Here we only need to enter the "key" and click "save.
The following message is displayed: "You have changed the wireless settings and the settings take effect after restart". Click the "restart" button. After the secondary wireless router is restarted, the bridge function is enabled, its wireless Wi-Fi signal and coverage have been significantly improved and expanded.
When the Wi-Fi signal generated by the wireless router is weak, we can make self-made wi-fi signal enhancement devices to enhance the Wi-Fi signal as much as possible. First, we need to find a "can" and clean it. I believe this should be easy to find.
Next we need to remove the "ring buckle" of the can, so as to insert the antenna of the wireless router into this hole for installation.
Use scissors or knives to remove the lower part of the can. During removal, remove the lower part of the can according to the red line of the lower part.
Partial removal is performed on the top of the can, and the part of the drinking water hole is retained during removal, as shown in the figure. This makes it easy to expand the side of the can.
Next, take the "drinking water port" as the center and cut the cans into two parts, as shown in the figure:
Finally, expand the side of the can into a slice, and insert the drinking water hole into the antenna, and use soft glue to fix the top of the can to the wireless router. The wireless signal amplifier is made.


1. Increase the router:Place a wireless router in a high area to reduce the signal blind zone;

2. Let the router leave the corner:Place the router in a spacious place, such as the center of the living room;
3. Let the router avoid the wall:Allow wireless routers to penetrate less walls and bypass less;
4. Release the vro potential:Adjust the router speed to the maximum rate, and set the router to use only one 802.11 protocol.

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