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Php Chinese network (www.php.cn) provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply content: http://ASP.NET in fact It's a strange thing to be more popular than PHP.

PHP is a simple and powerful scripting language designed specifically for Web development. it is also a language designed specifically for Web development and is also in the existing Web backend development language, supports the widest and longest popularity. When PHP was born, there was no http://ASP.NET at all Its main competitor is ASP and CGI. Popular Open is simply a normal thing, after the popular open, http://ASP.NET/sevlet/JSP These competitive technologies are built on the heavy industrial OOP language and are not more advantageous in developing websites quickly than PHP. The stream of Ruby has emerged decades after the popularity of PHP, and it is naturally difficult to shake the status of PHP in terms of resource support and popularity.

The price, platform, open source, and ecological Shenma are basically all involved. Come on your own

For the Internet, PHP does have a huge advantage. whether it is re-writing a new website or directly taking off-the-shelf product for secondary development, PHP has a very high development efficiency, this is indeed a http://ASP.NET It is also incomparable to JAVA. It can be said that PHP is because of the Internet and the birth of the language, but the technology industry has a specialization, PHP's strength is to do the website, the weak is to do the system, and the corresponding, http://ASP.NET/Java The strength is related to business systems. Therefore, many internal systems of companies use them for development. this is not visible to the subject, so it also produces a certain illusion.

Secondly, for other respondents said http://ASP.NET If the server is expensive, SQLServer is expensive, and the performance is poor, it is not open-source, and so on, I would like to add, er... q: windows 3.1 is used mainly? Handsome man already in http://Linux.NET I made money, and the ugly man hasn't heard of Mono.Even if the CLR is not open-source, what should you do if you have never used any open-source Java? (Escape ......) The popularity of php is indeed because php is currently the best web language.

Php currently has many problems, function naming is messy, namespace is pitfall, and features are poorly compatible. Currently, code is still running on 5.2, and zend is also fond of Tibetan coding, this leads to a decline in the community-but this does not completely contradict the light of php itself.

Language features will not elaborate, once php3 era register globals let the form to submit how much convenient, file upload how convenient, at that time asp is still eating shit, http://asp.net No shadow, where is the influence? Web = php.

The IT technology upgrade is very fast. If a language is too popular in year 56, it must have advantages. Php, linux, and github are both good. its popularity fully reflects the freedom value of open source. Similarly, free price is an additional factor. I just want to vomit http://ASP.NET Expensive servers, expensive SQL Server, poor performance, and not open-source. it's just as silly as IOE. Is open-source CLR a shit? Mono is a shit? Open source http://asp.net Why is mvc still a big event? Same machine, you have http://asp.net Try it with php respectively. how much concurrency can be prevented? In addition to ms, there are several http://asp.net scales for site use ?

As a good glue language, choosing php means selecting an ecosystem. lamp is not a white name, and of course nginx has better performance. Websites do not have to piece together two or three sets of code to complete the process. For more information, consider concurrency, load, IO, queue, cache, distributed storage... etc. The charm of lnmp lies in the fact that you are not satisfied with any link. you can write extensions, customize them, and create wheels on your own, which are not available in the ms series.

One sentence: php is lighter than java, faster than ruby, more efficient than python, and more convenient than nodejs debugging
Http://asp.net It's not really easy to see. Php can also be run under iis, isn't it? Php is popular at the beginning, with http://asp.net What? PHP is preferred for common website development. For small and medium-sized websites, PHP is fast and good.
Development of enterprise network application, http://asp.net preferred . In database applications with business processes, http://Asp.net More advantageous.
Java is preferred for developing large websites and applications. Large applications that require high-end servers, clusters, and extended servers. Java solutions are more mature.

On the whole,. net is more popular than PHP.. Websites developed by PHP are often accessible to the public. The ERP developed by. net is only used in the industry. This is just like the front-end or the guard is more familiar than the administration, but the administration has a higher salary and right.

Http://asp.net of coding efficiency > PHP> Java;
Deployment efficiency PHP> http://asp.net > = Java;
Running efficiency Java = http://asp.net > PHP;
Large program Java> PHP> = http://asp.net .

In terms of quantity, PHP is the most widely used website in the world. But Java developers far surpass http://asp.net The sum of Java and PHP is mostly used for large server products, and hundreds of people will participate in the project. In the specific enterprise application field, is the http://asp.net More popular.

Reference prices for developing a website with complex business rules in different languages with the same functions:
JSPs 0.75 million

Http://asp.net0.35 million

Python 0.5 million

We can see that in terms of business processing, http://asp.net It has great cost advantages.

Therefore, different languages have different characteristics. While the http://asp.net And PHP are both popular, with a stable share. In the statistics of various programming languages,. net shares much higher than PHP, after deducting the desktop part of. net, the two may not have the same More users. In terms of weight, Java is truly monopolized .. Net is running with many things, with the goal of enterprise-level projects and php being a scripting language. it is not so much burden for front-end demonstration. No one answered "because php is the best programming language "? Http://asp.net I have done a lot of projects, in recent years are using php to do projects, but from a few http://asp.net The feeling gained from project experience is http://asp.net The overall efficiency is too low than that of php.
First, it takes at least half an hour to build a development environment and configure a general Machine vs to install sqlserver for about ten minutes, while it takes up to five minutes for php to directly install a wamp inheritance environment.
In the second development, c # and other languages are strongly typed. php is weak, and the amount of code is much less. The problems caused by inconsistent types and type conversion naturally disappear.
Third, php open-source projects can be handed over with slight changes to requirements. C # has very few good open-source projects and many of them are compiled. only dll is needed and there is no room for development.
Fourth deployment php can be cross-platform win and linux casually play and http://asp.net Only win is available. And the cost is much higher.

In the end, my feeling is that php is a http://asp.net for the language born for the web. It's just something that Microsoft has created to prove its presence. There is not much comparability between the two. Thank you!

1. Price
Use http://asp.net If the server software windows server is very expensive (2008 RMB for the 18000 version) and the database software is very expensive (2008 RMB for the 12500 version), the performance may not be good.
If php is used, the server software can be 0 (linux), the database software can be 0 (mysql, etc.), and the performance is not bad.

2. ecosystem
Because of the above reasons, there are more people using php, more discussions in development, more websites, and more websites.

3. open source
Because php code can be open-source without compilation, and linux and mysql are both open-source, it is more conducive to development and development.

Then, in the loop process, they promote each other, so it is now like this. I think ......

Popular things are not the best, but good at integrating the interests of all parties.

The low PHP threshold allows more non-class Cainiao to access programming and fall in love with development. Then the community will be larger.

Popular things must ensure core competition.

Why does FACEBOOK use PHP for development? because only one person can develop it quickly. The speed of the Internet has greatly contributed to PHP.
A metaphor:
For example, if a girl is like another girl, she has a higher education level and a higher income ...... The girl only needs to say "My chest is big 」!
The world is quiet!

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