Why is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu?

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Linux Mint was launched by the Linux Mint team in 2006 and is a Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu. The goal is to provide a more complete, instantly available experience that includes browser plugins, multimedia codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components, as well as a set of custom desktops and menus, some unique configuration tools, and a Web-based package installation interface. Linux Mint is a user-friendly and powerful operating system. It was born to provide home users and businesses with a free, easy-to-use, comfortable and elegant desktop operating system.

Linux Mint is an operating system designed for PCs and X86 computers. As a result, a computer that can run Windows can also use Linux Mint instead of Windows. You can also run both, forming the legendary "dual system". Similarly, MAC,BSD or other Unix systems can coexist with Linux Mint. If you have a multi-system, you can choose a different system from the boot menu when your computer starts.

Linux Mint can run well on a single system computer, but it can also automatically detect and interact with other operating systems, for example, if you install Linux Mint on a computer that has a Windows system (Xp,vista or other) installed, It automatically detects and establishes a dual system boot for you to choose which system to start when booting. And you can access the Windows partition under Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is a safe, stable, efficient and increasingly easy-to-operate system with excellent design.

"Editor's note" to bring up the Linux system, you may first think of Linux Mint and Ubuntu two version. Recently, the open source industry seems to be a lot more radical, the geek headlines these two days also have many reports: K desktop Environment KDE Plasma 5.3 Release, Debian 8 release code Jessie, Ubuntu 15.04 released ... In Linux two versions: what is the relationship between Linux Mint and Ubuntu? Over the years, radish vegetables each their own, so may be patient to see a recent Reddit on the question. We organize the following:

Linux Mint and Ubuntu are two very popular Linux distributions for desktop operating systems. Why are people more inclined to Linux Mint than Ubuntu? Is Linux Mint really better than Ubuntu? A Reddit user recently asked why people chose Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu to get a lot of interesting answers.

Oshirowanen on Reddit to subscribe to the topic Linux Mint Q:

What's it about Linux Mint This makes it better than Ubuntu in your view for desktop usage? Question Original: Why is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu?

Many Reddit users of Linux Mint have responded:

Engels777: Super don't like the GUI of Ubuntu, it's ugly, Linux Mint Desktop Interactive environment Cinnamon really great!

Blinari: I can install Mint on my own and the security update is installed automatically, and I have the ability to deal with it when the system goes wrong.

Bengalitiger89: First of all, for individuals, it's uncomfortable to switch to Ubuntu unity, and I think Cinnammon is better than I thought, and Cinnamon has been greatly improved at any time (the Numix theme can be installed).

Second, another big reason I left Ubuntu to move to Mint was that I was bored with Amazon's search function. I know it can be shut down and removed, but I don't care about this, I just feel very diaphragmatic should, have to deal with a trouble feeling very bad.

The next point is for beginners or novice users of the proposal, Ubuntu application has a large compatibility problem, you need to see tutorials and guidelines to solve the problem, which caused great inconvenience.

G894h3i: To make a long story short, Ubuntu's integrated search does not open a third-party conversation, it is up to them to decide and treat the user as a product. In my opinion, Ubuntu is completely against the spirit of FOSS (free and open source software). In addition, you have to trust the OS you choose and not be afraid to hide the backdoor code. But I still can't believe how Ubuntu is broken?

ELMARKO44: To be honest, Mint offers an out-of-the-box experience like Windows.

Ageek: In addition to the differences between multimedia and flash packages, I prefer the default configuration of Mint compared to Ubuntu, with KDE, dolphin and so on.

Tushn: In the kernel, Ubuntu does not do well, my recent UDAC on Ubuntu can not run, but the Linux Mint can work normally. And I don't like Unity, cinnamon is my favorite.

Burningfox: I use Linux Mint entirely because of Cinnamon. If Ubuntu supports Cinnamon, I may get back to Ubuntu. In fact, there are Cinnamon software packages in Ubuntu rep, but the configuration requirements are high, and error prone, I have tried but various scenarios and various crashes.

Jollysnowman: For me, it was Cinnamon that attracted me. I recently returned to Linux, and when I chose the OS, I just wanted him to be able to work well and not to get too paranoid. For Ubuntu, Xubuntu too old, Kubuntu too ugly ... And I think it's very difficult to customize Ubuntu.

Later I tried Mint, the first appearance of all sides is very good, easy to install, and Hotkey + window management tools Let me get started quickly, as well as can be very good use of Openbox.

Arthurtrollington:ubuntu's Gnome 3 and unity are trying to reduce the difference between mobile and desktop, similar to the Windows 8 strategy, while the user is only finally told how and lacks autonomy. Linux Mint doesn't do this, and LM does this: people want to use the Windows XP interface, which is hard for them to get. In addition, many of the features of LM can be used after installation, and the way to set up Ubuntu for your own needs is at least a week.


Why is Linux Mint better than Ubuntu?

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