Why is Java so furious?

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Why is Java so furious? -- Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. No one can deny that Java has become so popular. Today, people in the computer industry may ask, "do you know Java ?", "Have you used Java ?". Java is also popular on university campuses. Those who concentrate on learning a computer language have threw away their VB and C ++ and started to study Java. Java has swept the world in just a few years (and the familiar C language has struggled for more than a decade), and it is indeed mysterious. Where did Java come from? Why is it so violent?

   Inspiration for coffee

In 1991, SUN's Jame Gosling and others developed a language named Oak (an Oak name) for interactive operations on household electronic products, such as televisions and coffee boxes, however, for commercial reasons, this language has never been put into the market. Even the Oak name becomes a problem because there are already hundreds of companies using this name, so SUN cannot register it as a trademark at all. Eventually, SUN decided to change the language to Java and publish it on the Internet for free. At that time, due to the failure of Oak, some rumors advocated that the Java letters represent "Just Another meaningless Acronym" (Just Another Valueless Acronym ), however, SUN denies this statement. Java is a spark of instant inspiration when a language developer drinks a coffee originating in the Java islands of Indonesia.

A few months later, to everyone's surprise, Java became the hottest topic in cyberspace. Java has been used by more and more users and has been paid more and more attention. Hundreds of small Java applications are popular in multimedia applications on the Internet. Some famous companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Apple computer, and digital equipment companies, have bought the right to use the Java language, followed by a large number of software products written in Java, it is highly valued and praised by the industry. After quietly observing for a while, Microsoft's president Bill Gates said with no emotion: "Java is the best programming language for a long time ".

   A clear stream

Why is Java welcomed by so many programmers in a short period of time? In today's fierce competition in the computer industry, why is the language developed by a computer hardware company suddenly supported by almost all the major computer software and hardware companies in the world?

SUN describes its own Java language as follows: it is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, stable, secure, structured neutral, portable, high-performance, multi-thread Dynamic Language. This long attribute accurately describes the basic features of the Java language and tells the secret of why Java is furious.

The most important feature of Java is its platform independence, which is not available in any language in the past. That is to say, a program written in Java can run on any computer, regardless of the operating system used by the computer. This is a dream of many programmers.

Second, Java is an object-oriented language. For a long time, people have been trying to ensure structural consistency between the problem space and the solution space, so that when we analyze, design, and implement programs, the process of understanding the objective world is as consistent as possible, so an object-oriented program method is generated. Java is such an object-oriented language. In addition, it also represents the highest application level of object-oriented programming methods. For a programmer, this means that you can focus on the data of the application and the methods for processing the data, without having to think too much about the processing process.

In addition, Java is a very simple language. Oak, the predecessor of Java, is designed for household appliances and can be popularized only when it is easy to use. Therefore, this language is designed to be simple and efficient. Programmers only need to understand some basic concepts and can use it to write applications suitable for various situations.

Finally, security has become a favored aspect of Java. In the network environment, security is a serious issue. Without security guarantee, users will never download a Java small application from any site on the Internet and run it on their own computers. Java provides several security mechanisms to defend against viruses or file systems. This also gives users peace of mind.

The emergence of Java has indeed brought a breeze to the computer industry; it has brought a lot of new and interesting ideas and ideas; it has even changed the way people use computers. Even the founder of www.www on the Global Information Network said: "the next wave of development in the computer industry is Java, and it will happen soon ."

Nowadays, in Silicon Valley, people who do not know Java cannot find a job. In our country, many computer authorities have asserted that whoever has mastered Java first can determine the pulse of the world and find a foothold in the information age.

Java programming has become the trend!
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