Why is the T in Hashtable in Java lowercase

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Because many years ago just learn Java when used to Hashtable time is more curious why the second T is lowercase, this does not conform to the Sun's style ah, the entire JDK is the standard hump, so with this question over a lot of books, see a lot of information, the final conclusion is:

Hashtable's second T-lowercase is Sun's fault, many books mention the problem, many people have suggested to Sun to revise, and then Sun did discuss the problem of T, but because Hashtable is the product of jdk1.0:


Blind substitution will lead to a lot of old system is not compatible at all, so Sun decided to keep the lowercase t, let it continue unreasonable existence, at that time did not care too much, until see C # side of the Hashtable, the heart a little happy flowering feeling, so probably turned a lot of C # class, In fact, like Java, is the standard hump, but Hashtable is very exceptional, but it may be I understand the very superficial, no understanding of the depth of the place.


C # and Java have too many similarities, from Orm to IOC,AOP, ever similar, similar to to even Hashtable t all lowercase, think about a little happy


Why is the T in Hashtable in Java lowercase (go)

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