Why jquery Mobile is required

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Let's clear a few confusing points first
    1. There is no so-called mobile internet, only one internet
    2. Designing a mobile site does not require any special handling
    3. A site should work on all devices (desktop, mobile, TV)
Why JQuery Mobile was born: making it easier for designers and developers to create cross-platform, customizable mobile internet experiences with a small amount of code. What is JQuery mobile?
    • jquery Mobile is a unified user interface system that supports all popular mobile device platforms, based on the hard rock's jquery and jquery UI. Its lightweight code is built with a progressive enhancement, with a scalable, easy-to-change theme design feature.
What is JQuery mobile?
    • jquery Mobile is not a jquery on a mobile browser.
    • JQuery Mobile is not a development package for Web apps. You can use jquery Mobile to create a complete mobile app experience, but you still need some extra work to compile it into an OST application.
    • JQuery Mobile is not a solution for all mobile apps/websites/games. But they can provide a solution for most of them.
JQuery Mobile is a framework for making it easier for developers to deliver cross-platform Web applications on mobile devices and tablets, with touch-enabled devices, using only standard HTML code.         jquery Mobile uses the jquery core, plus a JavaScript library, a CSS3 style sheet, and some resource images.        The JQuery mobile framework focuses on touch-screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and multimedia devices, and its compatibility list changes over time and the framework itself continues to evolve. Many modern browsers use WebKit-based engines, such as the desktop browser Safari or Chrome. All modern WebKit-based mobile browsers should be fully compatible with jquery mobile.  At the same time, desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, opera, and IE are all compatible with jquery mobile. Need to understand the HTML and CSS3 HTML5 is a growing standard that contains a number of changes to the HTML markup Language and a large number of new APIs in JavaScript (most of HTML5 's content is about Javascriptapi). On an informal occasion, HTML5 is a collection of modern features in many browsers, including the official HTML5 standard for the web, other Internet Explorer APIs, CSS3, and non-standard extensions. See: Http://mobilehtml5.org jQuery Mobile uses a number of HTML5 features to provide a better and faster experience on a mobile browser. When working with animations, gradients, effects, and UI rendering, JQuery Mobile uses CSS3 as much as possible. For example, please refer to: http://www.mobilexweb.com/ main effects:
    • Cross-platform, cross-device, cross-browser;
    • UI optimized for touch devices;
    • Designed to be subject to modification and customization;
    • Use no intrusive HTML5 code, no need to know any JavaScript, CSS or API knowledge;
    • Automatically invokes Ajax to load dynamic content;
    • Build on a well-known and well-supported jquery core;
    • Lightweight size, 12kb after compression;
    • progressive enhancement;
    • accessibility support;
Progressive Enhancement: Progressive enhancement is a simple but very powerful technology for web design that defines several levels of compatibility, allowing all users to access the basic content, services, and functionality of the site, while providing an enhanced experience on browsers with better standards support. JQuery Mobile is built entirely using this technology. Progressive Enhancement has the following core principles
    • Access to basic content on all browsers;
    • Basic functionality is available on all browsers;
    • The semantic tag contains all the content;
    • Enhanced layout with external links to the CSS provided;
    • Enhanced behavior is provided by non-conflicting, externally linked JavaScript;
    • Respect the preferences of the end-user browser.
Accessibility: Web accessibility refers to a range of practices that make websites available to all normal people and disabled persons.          On websites that are properly designed, developed, and edited, all users have equal access to the various options and functions available on the site.          Emulator: In the world of mobile development, emulators are desktop programs that emulate the hardware and operating systems of mobile devices, and can be used to test and debug applications, and to see how the application works. Simulator: Simulator is a relatively simple program, it simulates some behavior of the device, but can not emulate the hardware, nor is it based on the actual operating system design. Tools are relatively simple and less useful than emulators.

Why jquery Mobile is required

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