Why remote connections within a LAN failed

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In order to enhance the efficiency of Internet cafes, network management are like to achieve through the remote function of the Internet cafes all the control of the machine to maintain, but in the system workstation, often encountered a failure of remote connection, may be set up the problem, the reason for the failure of remote connection may also be the following points.

1, if the workstation system does not have the appropriate settings for the network parameters, such as not selecting the "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network" option, you cannot remotely manage the workstation system through the remote connection method, so check that the station system is enabled. File and printer Sharing for Microsoft Network feature.

2, because the workstation system in the default state, will automatically enable the Windows system from the firewall, the firewall program may restrict the remote connection operation behavior, so it is necessary to check the firewall program to see if the remote connection operation has been limited.

3, when connecting remotely with the workstation system process, the system needs to authenticate the connection account, if we enter the remote connection when the username and password information is incorrect, then the remote connection may not be successful, at this time need to correctly enter the appropriate permissions of the connection user name and password can solve the problem.

4, if the target workstation system prohibits other users from using the network to implement the access operation, it is certainly unable to establish a remote connection with the workstation system, so you need to carefully check whether the target workstation system is open network access function.

LAN remote connection failure is the main reason for these, the corresponding solution is hoped to help you, small part of the proposal may wish to start from the system settings and software settings, to clear up a variety of possible obstacles.

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