Why should we turn off the broadband cats and routers during thunderstorms and rainstorms?

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Rainstorm Thunder Lightning, when this weather occurs, we not only remember to collect clothes, remember to even cut off the power, turn off the broadband cat and router. This is my lesson.

The first two world rainstorm, I was on the internet, I was going to disconnect power off the broadband cat and router, but think about the computer and feel so boring, nothing to do, so no matter how much, continue to surf the Internet.

I do not know how long, suddenly not on the net. At this time I thought it was a computer problem, so restart the computer, the result is still not on the net. Look at the lower right corner of the "local Connection" light, which is also lit, indicating that the router is not disconnected. I went to the router, login success, found that the network has been disconnected, has been in the "Connecting ..." state, may be the broadband cat problem, I have an ominous feeling.

Look at the broadband cat, found that "ADSL" lights are often bright, this shows that the line is no problem, but how can not even the internet! (Guide: Broadband ADSL cat link light is not bright/data light is not bright/act light is not bright and so on solution)

I disconnect the router, from the broadband cat directly connected to the computer to see, the results of the same dial no number.

Here, it can be concluded that the broadband cat is probably the biggest bad.

Fortunately, my family has a broadband cat.

Give it a try ...

Sure enough, dial the number!

Today, the internet when Telecom gave me a small window, prompted in a thunderstorm day will be modem (CAT) power cut off, it seems to be a thunderstorm days to dial the Internet, really need to hold a lucky mentality!

I used to surf the internet on a rainy day, and the router was broken by thunder. I have a relative worse, the rainy day even the computer broke!

I also ask myself, will not be in the thunderstorm days in the internet?

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