Why sometimes ADSL access speed is very slow

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Why sometimes ADSL access speed is very slow

1. The network card is bound too many protocols. The speed of the Internet is very slow, it is very common among the users of LAN, because the network card binds too many protocols. If a lot of protocols are bound on the network card, when the data passes through the network card, the computer spends a lot of time to determine which protocol the data uses to transmit, then the user will feel the Internet is slow. The solution is: let a network card only run PPPoE protocol to connect ADSL, provide the external connection of the Internet, another network card to run the other LAN protocol, thus Kothing improve performance, so that the client Internet speed will improve.

2.ADSL equipment has poor heat dissipation. ADSL equipment work when the calorific value is relatively large, usually pay attention to heat dissipation, many users of ADSL equipment and routers, hubs and so on in a cabinet, a variety of equipment work a piece of heat dissipation, the normal work of ADSL impact. If the Internet is normal, 5 minutes, speed down, download rate and narrowband 56kb/s modem, the same time with the hand touch equipment is very hot, for an ADSL equipment, speed on the up. Therefore, the computer, ADSL and other equipment can not be placed in the same cabinet, to spread out, the equipment between the ventilation and cooling channels, the computer room is best to achieve constant temperature, the general ambient temperatures should be controlled in 10℃~30℃. Relative humidity remains in 40%~70% as well.

3. Access to Internet interface error. This is because the Internet Connection Wizard for the Windows system caused the Internet interface error specified by IE, Enterhet300 (virtual dial-up software) uses the LAN type virtual dialing, while IE defaults to using normal dialing, and IE first looks for the dial-up interface when browsing. If you can't find the dial-up, you can find a local area network there is no proxy server, the last will find Enternet300 this interface, so it will be very slow, only need to rerun the Internet (Internet) Connection Wizard, select the LAN mode, and cancel the automatic search proxy server can be resolved.

4. The system does not support multitasking. If the user's computer has just met the minimum configuration, so the system can not support browsing the web, downloading software, listening to music and many other tasks. A variety of tasks at the same time you can feel the Internet slow. Therefore, at the same time the task is generally not more than two items as well.

5. The TCP/IP protocol is not bound. Unbound TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)/IP (International protocol), more than the NIC driver is not installed, Nic quality problems, PCI (bus standard) slot is not good. The Device Manager should be the first driver to remove the network card, reboot after the installation of the driver, if not good, to change the NIC to a PCI slot, still bad can be replaced by a network card.

6. Poor quality of telephone lines. ADSL technology for the quality of the telephone line, the current use of ADSL is a RADSL (that is, the rate of adaptive ADSL), if the telephone line to the user in a certain period of time by external factors interference, RADSL will be based on the quality of the line and the distance between transmission distances, Dynamically adjusts the user's access speed. If the visit is a foreign site, the speed will be export bandwidth and the other side of the site line, equipment configuration and other factors, the need to coordinate the whole network to solve. The main line problems are: Because the construction did not follow the construction standards, leaving behind the quality of the hidden trouble, such as no plastic casing caused by the mouse bite off the line, wiring racks or other materials due to quality problems, resulting in the jumper contact bad, the user in the decoration of the indoor line damaged.

7. The software is not reset. After the user installs ADSL broadband, the internet condition has changed, the corresponding tool software has not reset, also causes the slow speed one of reasons. such as communication software QQ, you need to make some settings. Select the "System Parameters" command from the QQ panel and click on the "Network Settings" tab to change the original "dial-up Internet" to "LAN access Internet".

8. Computer hardware and software problems. Hardware failure is mainly manifested in the user network card is damaged or not properly installed, the user's computer motherboard and network card is incompatible, the user's computer is too low, less memory lead to slow running speed. If the hardware is configured to use Celeron 600, 64MB of memory on the CPU, installing the Windows XP operating system can cause the computer to run quite slowly and the speed of the Internet will not be high. Software failure is mainly because the user does not understand computer knowledge, incorrect operation during use, resulting in operating system errors or dial-up software damage to the Internet; The user does not operate correctly, causing the dial-up software to shut down illegally, resulting in software errors; After browsing some web pages, the system has a problem and accidentally deletes the backup dialing software when processing. There is a problem with the user's computer, the Dial-up software is not installed after reinstalling the system. These issues can be ruled out simply by reinstalling the Dial-up software failure.

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